Photography Tips & Equipment: Turn a Hobby into a Career

From all the freelancing jobs you can get, photography is probably the most creative, most relaxing and most fun of them all. Sure you need to have an eye for things, exquisite perception, a very sophisticated taste for the good stuff and a sense to create and catch scenery with meaning and feeling. In addition to all these things (which you can develop with practice) you’d need to pay a visit to a few well-supplied camera stores to get your equipment and of course: read, research and educate yourself on the many practices and ways you can create great photos.

From that starting point on, you need to simply put a little effort in the whole idea: practice all the techniques you learn and create your own portfolio. Afterwards, do the advertising and start looking for a job! Oh, the fun of it! First things first though, let’s define all the basic things you need to be familiarized with before you hit the stores asking blindly for stuff.


Purchase the Right Equipment & Get to Know It

Obviously, you need a camera first. The very well-supplied camera stores will have a vast offer of various types of cameras from different brands. These will generally be divided in three categories like action cameras, DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. For starters, it would be best to start with a DSLR camera as these are the easiest to work with and you’ll learn how to operate with it faster. Research the brands and choose according to your available budget – you don’t want to go broke after you buy a camera. You will also need lenses for various situations and lighting equipment, which will largely depend on whether you’re planning to open a studio or not. You could also look for accessories for the camera and lenses as well as accessories for your overall photography equipment like bags and storage units. After you get everything, read the manuals and do a few test-shots and experiment with the light and shadows. That’s the best way to get to know your camera well.


Educate Yourself on the Various Photographing Techniques

To be honest, as much fun photography may look like, it takes some time to learn all the tricks and techniques to become a professional. The best way to do that is to read a lot of books, magazines and of course, use the Internet as much as possible to find articles that can offer you important information on the matter. Devote your time to this and you’ll certainly become the photographer you want to be.


Reap the Goods of an Editing Software

Things may be looking good, but a camera can make them look perfect if you use the editing software the right way. This may take some time to get it too, so give your best in understanding all the effects. Be careful though – some scenes and portraits simply can’t withstand too much effects being used on them.