Myth Or Fact: Are Gas Cooktops Better Than Electric

It is no lie that electricity makes our lives easier and we could not imagine a day without it. Most people cook daily and many times cooking can last for a few hours and this obviously means greater electricity consumption, therefore, higher electricity bills. For that reason (and many other), today the demand for cooktops gas is constantly on the rise as these amazing kitchen appliances have proven to be housewives’ best friends in the daily kitchen routines. Wondering why? See it for yourself, their advantages are endless.


Heat Response

One of the greatest advantages of gas cooktops is their great instant heat response. Simply turn on the knob and you have a flame that you can easily control. One thing is for sure, a great meal does not depend only on the choice of ingredients and the craftiness of the cook, the right cooking temperature also has a great impact on the overall outcome. For that reason, beside being the perfect solution for every household, gas cooktops are the ideal choice for many commercial chefs as well.

Lower Emissions

Unlike electric, gas cooktops do not lose heat to the air around. They will not warm up your home while cooking and as soon as you turn them off, the flame and the heat extinguish. On the other hand, electric cooktops, do keep emitting heat even after they are off.

Faster Cooking

One thing is for sure, with gas cooktops, you will not have to wait minutes before you can actually put your pot or pan on the cooktop. They do cook faster than any other cooktop type and will help you make your specialities faster than usually.


The major advantage of cooktops gas is that while cooking, you can use whichever cookware you have at disposal. This means you can easily cook with both old and new woks, pots and pans. Electric cooktops are great, but they do require perfectly flat-bottomed cookware.

Even Heat Distribution

As opposed to electric cooktops which need to be totally flat so that the heat can be distributed evenly, this is not the case with gas cooktops. The flame of gas cooktops is central and they heat up the cookware evenly. Once you turn them off, their flame instantly disappears and this is what makes them so safe and easy to use.


No electricity? No problem. In times when you have no electricity in your home, gas cooktops will never leave you with an empty stomach. Just light up a few candles and prepare your loved ones their favourite dinner. It is not that bad, is it?