Aestheticians’ Rules For Great Skin. #3 Involves Your Juicer

There is no bigger fear for a woman (or a man for that matter) than the first wrinkles on the face, or the nasty spots from the sun that ruin the perfect texture and start playing games with your self-confidence. With all the fast food, heavy drinks and the air we breathe filled with pollutants that suffocate the skin, having a smooth skin has become luxury these days. The solution?

Sure you cannot completely avoid eating fast food (unless you’re vegan, or vegetarian – than I salute you) or occasionally have a glass or two of your favourite alcoholic drink, and you definitely cannot change the air that touches your skin. What you can do is enter the battle with fully equipped artillery, both from inside and out. Aestheticians have made a list of all the things you could do (and should be doing) to help your skin stay as young and healthy (or even better). And guess what, one of these is to buy juicer. It seems like after all, juices are the best skin cleanser.


Clean it!

Women of the cosmetic 21 century, a quick question: what is the No.1 before-going-to-bed skin rule? Exactly, taking your makeup off, cleaning your face with a cleanser and water and applying a moisturizing cream. Simple and yet, extremely effective. If, by any case you’re one of those women that go to bed without thoroughly cleaning the skin, than news for you: your skin is about to get into deep problems. Change your routine ASAP!

Modify your diet

This does not mean you should turn vegan just to save your skin (although it wouldn’t hurt), it simply means you should increase the portion of vegetables and fruits in your daily food intake and maybe change the way you cook a little. To be precise, add more apples and elderberries and vegetables like cucumbers and other greens that have great cleansing power for the entire organism. Make sure nuts and seeds are part of your daily diet since these are full of vitamins. Also, try cooking with natural oils instead of refined ones; try coconut oil or cold pressed olive oil, it will make a huge difference to the quality of the food you eat.

Buy juicer

If you do not have one in your kitchen by now, then you’re probably drinking things like sodas and a lot of artificially produced ‘natural’ juices. Big mistake. Not just for your skin, but for your entire organism. The first thing to do at this very moment is to run to the nearest store or go online and buy juicer. Start replacing your afternoon coffee with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Whether you make them from greens or fruits like lemon, citrus or other, drinking fresh juices is the best way to rejuvenate your skin from the inside. The best part of this is that the good results are just a few days away.


I bet you want to. Knowing that you should be sleeping at least 8 hours a day is a pretty good excuse to leave the bar an hour early and prepare yourself for your beauty sleep. Do not joke with your body’s need for sleep as that is its recovery time, and soon you will notice that on your skin, eyes and energy level. Be selfish when it comes to sleeping; sleep as much as you need to. And make sure your pillow is high, there will be no puffiness in your eyes when you wake up.

Healthy routines

There are some things you simply cannot and must not do: working out with makeup on your face, forgetting to exfoliate your skin once a week, not putting on face masks, skipping on water and fresh juices and forgetting your toner and moisturizer. It is unforgivable to skip these because these little things take so little time and effort, yet they mean so much. Do them for the skin you love.