LED Camping Lights Buying Guide

If you are someone who loves nature and you like going camping, hiking and backpacking, you know how important camping lights are. When it’s dark and you are out in nature, having the proper light will make it easier for you and will keep you safer. Camping gear is becoming more and more resourceful, helpful, versatile and even interesting, and even more so when it comes to providing light out there in the wilderness. So, with so many types of camping lights available on the market, how do you choose the right one?

There is no doubt that nowadays nothing can beat LED lights, regardless of whether we are talking about illuminating your home or using them outdoors. LED lights are highly energy-efficient, as they produce less heat and more light than other options and use less power to produce light. And, most importantly they last longer than other lights, which makes them more reliable when you are camping or hiking. As a nature lover, the fact that all of these characteristics make LED lights the most environmentally friendly lighting option should be an even bigger incentive to use them.

The Right Type of LED Camping Lights 

The first thing you need to decide is which type of lights you need. For this, before buying a LED camping light kit, you need to take into consideration the types of trips you will be commonly taking. Are you going camping with a caravan or a 4X4, are you backpacking, setting a campsite, hiking? Do you need to light a larger area or you just want to see what’s in front of you? What will the weather conditions be like?

LED Camping Light Bars 

camping light bars
source: snowys.com.au

If you like going camping with your family or with friends, you need a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution. While there are many different options out there, serious camping enthusiast can thankfully find some incredible ingenious solutions, like led light bars. Whether you invest in a tri-colour LED camping light kit for a larger campsite, or a 100 cm LED light bar kit that illuminates the area underneath an awning or a gazebo, rest assured, you will be all set for many camping adventures to come.

One of the best lighting solutions you can get for your campsite, the light bars included in the 100 cm LED light bar kit come with removable diffusers that can create a wider and more pleasant light beam. This option is a great choice if you are camping with your caravan or your 4×4, but people also use it to illuminate the area under larger canopies, or even garden sheds, home workshops, tailgates etc.

On the other hand, the tri-colour LED camping light kit offers great flexibility and incredible brightness. These kits come with a different number of LED light bars. The light bars have 3,000 lumens light output, and each of them features both white and orange LEDs, with tri-colour dimmer switches. This means that the white and orange LEDs can provide you with cool white, warm white and orange lights. As a bonus, the orange light is considered to be good for reducing the presence of bugs. 

LED camping light kits offer two different mount options. The inbuilt magnets allow you to attach them to a metal surface for easy installation, and the removable pole clips can be attached to non-magnetic tent poles. 

LED Strip Lights 

strip lights
source: bushranger4x4gear.wordpress.com

Another innovative and versatile lighting solution, LED strip lights are a great choice for different camping styles. Like light bars, LED strips are easy to use and provide an unparalleled lighting experience. Whether you use a white or a tri-colour option, they are as visually appealing, as they are useful.  LED strips are the perfect solution for campers who want to create an ambience. Nevertheless, even though they can offer fewer lumens and create the perfect atmosphere, they also come with a higher level of brightness.

They offer a very easy installation because they come either with Velcro attachment straps or with adhesive. This means that they can be placed almost anywhere – both indoors and outdoors. Like LED bars, they are waterproof. 

Both LED light bars and strip lights are watertight, the DC connectors on the cables are waterproof, and the cables are double insulated to prevent voltage drop. And, of course, the LED lights don’t produce a lot of heat and don’t consume a lot of energy. 

LED Lanterns 

LED lantern
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If you are setting up a campsite with just one or two smaller tents, LED lanterns can be a great main light source. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful in larger campsites. You can’t really use them as the main light in a larger campsite, however, if you don’t want to turn on the light bars or any other type of stronger light you are using, an LED lantern can be a great option. It will provide you with enough light without waking up the others, for instance.

Camping lanterns come in many different forms. They vary in size, weight, light output, and they can come with disposable or rechargeable batteries. The most cost-effective option, as well as the eco-friendlier one, re-chargeable LED lanterns, are also easier to use and can work longer.