Interesting Facts and Useful Tips about Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses have been making people look cool for over 80 years now. It’s one of those brands that have always been there. With their popularity and ability to make you look good instantly, they’ve become the image that pops up in our mind at the mention of the word “sunglasses”. There’s probably no one in the world that doesn’t know about them, and the reasons for that are countless.

Though not the cheapest option out there, buying a pair of Ray Bans guaranties you quality and unquestionable eye protection, as well as sophisticated look. Spending a little bit more to own a pair of this worldly famous brand is well worth it, because Ray Ban sunglass lenses and frames are made to last, while keeping your eyes rested, and helping them stay healthy.

From Pilot Goggles to Iconic Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses were originally designed to help pilots with visibility. In 1929, Bausch & Lomb, an optical equipment company, developed the first Ray Ban, the Aviator, with US Army Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready. Their main concern was developing sunglasses that won’t fog up, and that would reduce the blue and white hues of the sky, in order to provide the pilots with more eye-comfort during their flights.


The prototype, known as “Anti-Glare”, featuring plastic frames and green lenses, underwent some changes and in 1938 resulted in the famous Ray Ban Aviators.

In 1958, Ray Ban designed their Wayfarer model, which then became an inspiration for a number of other brands. Their popularity varied during the second half of the 20th century and made a serious comeback in the 2000s, never going out of fashion to date.

In 1999, the brand was sold to Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxottica Group, the largest company in the industry in the world.

Fashionable Statement in Pop Culture

Everyone who’s ever seen a Hollywood blockbuster, has fallen in love with a pair Ray Ban sunnies at some point. Think Tom Cruise’s Maverick wearing his Aviators in blockbuster Top Gun. In fact, Ray Ban’s popularity rate is high as it is in part thanks to Hollywood, with Tom Cruise being one of the main factors in increasing their sales for quite some time now.

tom cruise ray ban

Besides Top Gun, hits like Rebel Without a Cause, Dirty Harry, Blues Brothers, Terminator, Reservoir Dogs, Man in Black, Natural Born Killer, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Wolf of Wallstreet are just a small part of the list of movies where actors wear Ray Ban sunnies.

Ever since the first guy to popularise the Aviator model, General Douglas MacArthur, when a photojournalist took a photo of him landing in the Philippines during the Second World War, everyone seems to want a pair of Ray Ban on their face. From historically significant figures, like US President John F. Kennedy, all the way to celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Megan Markle and the list goes on and on. So, if you still haven’t, indulge in an iconic pair of sunglasses and join the instant coolness club.

Superior Quality and Long Lifespan

Ray Bans are superior quality sunglasses. Their lenses are made of reliable materials that protect your eyes from UV rays, while providing great eye comfort, and promoting good eyesight. Plastic lenses are relatively new for the brand. Made from polyamide, they are lightweight, as well as durable and resistant. On the other hand, glass lenses offer better visibility, but are more expensive and heavier, apart from being made from the most breakable material, which makes taking care of them a bit harder. The variety of quality lenses coating options, like polarised, mirrored, classic etc., come encased in a big selection of high-quality frames, made of durable and resistant materials, in many different styles and sizes.

ray ban mirrored lenses

You don’t need to replace your designer sunglasses in order to have a new pair. Instead, make sure you have them in good shape for a long time. Keep them in a hard case, clean them properly, don’t let them exposed to high heat. Finally, if your glasses are broken, don’t panic and splurge on a new expansive pair immediately. Rather, bring them back to life by repairing them or purchasing replacement lenses. Besides being more budget friendly, it’s also environment friendly. But new lenses don’t only solve the case of broken glasses. Treat yourself to Ray Ban sunglass lenses once in a while, to refresh your sunglasses’ appearance, and to protect yourself from eyestrain and headaches.

Most Counterfeited Brand of Sunglasses

Ray Bans are the most counterfeited sunglasses, and on the list of most counterfeited brands in the world. That’s why when you’re buying a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses or sunglass lenses, you must always make sure they are original or that you are ordering authentic Ray Ban replacement lenses.

This is not an easy task, since not all of them will have a similar but different name edged on them. Anyway, there are many distinguishable features that can attest to the authenticity, like the case they come in, the hinges, the logo, the barcodes etc.

Most Ray Ban sunglasses have an engraved “RB” on the left lens, next to the hinge. On polarised lenses, “Ray Ban P” is engraved on the top corner of the right lens. If not, the sunglasses are either fake, or not polarised. The models with nose pads will have the logo embossed on the metal center. Some models have a badge with the logo attached with pins to the temple. On the left side temple there should be some information details, like model number and size information.