Interesting Facts About Teak: The Wood as the Ideal Material for Outdoor Furniture

When you can’t enjoy as much time immersed in the beautiful landscapes, you probably thank God for the outdoor space, right? Lucky are those of us who have the chance to enjoy some fresh air in the middle of the cityscapes in our own comfortable spaces of greenery.

Of course, for an outdoor area to be comfortable, one can’t deny the importance of choice of furniture. Though there is a variety of furniture designs nowadays, differing in style as much as in material, from concrete, and plastic, to metal, wicker, and wood, the one that really stands out with its quality is teak as the superior wooden outdoor furniture.

Here are some interesting facts proving just how great teak is. Though you may not know, it was this wood in particular that helped Britain get to power overseas thanks to the ships they built using it as the main material throughout the 18th century.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Native to India, the British had one of their bases of shipbuilding established in Bombay and that’s where their mighty ships were crafted, resisting rot, and cracks, as well as moisture for decades, and keeping its utility for about a century – that’s how durable it is, and it goes the same for when its used to create wooden outdoor furniture, be it in the form of tables, chairs, or benches.

Other countries where teak can be found are Indonesia, Burma, Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. Luckily, due to its durability, it spread round the world, so it’s widely grown in Central America too which further adds to its sustainability. Now, in terms of durability, it’s important to point out teak is rich in natural oils (antifungal, and antibacterial) responsible for its highly resistant properties.

It’s thanks to these properties that you can expect your wooden outdoor furniture to age gracefully, without the need to paint it or stain it to protect it from the effects of the UV rays of the sun, the rain, or pests, as the more you try to protect it the more you cut down the effects of the natural oils. Besides, new or aged, you can count on stylish colours, going from honey hues to patina.

If you were interested in the name, teak is usually used as the representative of the tropical hardwood species known also as Tectona grandis, the mint family. Not surprising, its benefits were also used for medicinal purposes, served as tea helping with sore throat, fever, stomachaches, and headaches.