Interesting Facts about Shower Arms and Showering

Who doesn’t love a good shower after a long, busy and tiring day?! Whether the temperatures are high or low, the benefits of showering, especially before bed are numerous. The most important one of them all is the ability to help you unwind and just relax.

But in order to have a nice and relaxing shower, you should also have a sturdy shower unit that has all the important parts. Out of all the parts, the shower head arm in particular is one of the most essential since it can provide you with the needed flexibility and control. Generally speaking, the arm of a shower is the pipe fitting that connects the showerhead to the water supply.

Interesting Facts about Arm Showers 

Close-up of shower arm
  • Did you know people from the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian world relied on their servants to have water poured over them in indoor shower rooms? Ancient Romans, on the other hand, had communal shower rooms and depended on their advanced aqueducts and sewage systems for water pumping.
  • The modern sense of the showering experience happened in the 18th century. Specifically, in 1767 with William Feetham patenting the mechanical shower design. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that shower heads were designed into what we know of them today.
  • Taller people, in particular, can benefit a lot from them since shower arms enhance showering experience by allowing an easy adjustment of the showerhead’s height and angle. This gives just the needed coverage and helps you enjoy your shower without having to bend your head forward.
  • Being able to adjust the height of the shower head also allows you to target some pressure points especially if using the shower’s massage function. This adds to your relaxation even more which is the goal, right?!
  • Did you know that you can install this bathroom part on already installed shower?! Whether you have moved into a home that has a pre-installed shower or you have installed yours without even thinking about this detail, either way, you can fit in this arm and adjust the showerhead just right.
  • These arms for shower are available in numerous styles, designs, colours and finishes which gives you the chance to choose the one that can best meet your existing shower’s style and colour.
  • Changing the arm of your shower on your own is super easy, all it takes is following the manufacturer’s easy steps and guidelines.

Are There Different Types of Shower Arms?

Close-up of shower head and shower arm

They’re available in three different designs – standard, straight and gooseneck.


As the name suggests, the standard type is the most basic of all models. It’s very simple and it only has a small extension with an angle.


The straight model is considered more modern where the showerhead is attached to the end of the arm at 90°. Practice shows that they’re ideal for mounting rainfall showerheads.


Also known as S-shaped, these arms for showers are quite popular since they make adjusting the showerhead’s height quite easy and simple.

In order to find the right type, you’ll have to check the plumbing outlets’ height. This is the place where you’re supposed to connect the arm of the shower, so if the outlets are too high, you’ll need a straight-arm model. In case the outlets are lower, you can opt for a gooseneck arm for your shower.

Interesting Facts about Showering

Close-up of woman showering with shower arm
  • Did you know that the most expensive shower costs around $133.454?! It comes from a company called Silver Tag and it has some fancy gadgets like computer controlled showerhead and six-zone features designed for different body parts that can be controlled independently.
  • The World’s longest shower record belongs to Kevin McCarthy “Catfish” who spent 340 hours and 40 minutes in the shower.
  • The average shower temperature is 42 °C.
  • For a 5 minute shower, people can use 70 – 115 litres of water. For a 10 minute shower people will need around 180 litre of water.
  • The average time spent showering is about 8 minutes.
  • While peeing in the shower isn’t recommended, it’s believed that about 42% of people do so.
  • Morning showers are more common than evening showers. Around 58% of people take shower in the morning as an easy way to start the day fresh and clean.
  • Since showering is considered therapeutic, it’s said that about 67% of people use their shower time to reflect on things, plan and even dream.
  • Most people, especially men, dream of having bigger showers. 48% of people wish that their bathrooms are larger so they could install larger showers.

To sum it up, improving your shower experience can be easily achieved with the right shower parts. All it takes is considering all of the options, and choosing the one that will meet your taste while not risking breaking up the bathroom’s overall look. Adding adjustable shower arms or changing the old models with new and advanced ones can certainly help you achieve that.

You just need to look at the right places to find the model and type that’ll best meet the rest of the shower parts. Even if you decide to mix and match colours or styles, you should do it carefully and in consultation with a professional. With their professional approach, they’ll be able to provide you with just the right shower part.