Available Wall-mounted Slewing Jib Cranes Online

A slew crane is an efficient lifting machine, known for optimizing the internal material flow. It is also known as a slewing jib crane because it is almost same as the jib crane. The slew crane is composed of a rotating boom, a vertical mast and an electrically powered hoist. It can be either mounted on the floor or on a wall, but most commonly it is wall-mounted because it brings more benefits to the operators. Wall-mounted slew jib cranes are widely available online, and the operators can choose in terms of brand, size, shape, etc.


Out of all crane manufacturers, Demag is one popular slew crane manufacturer that offers a comprehensive range of slew jib cranes. Demag wall-mounted slewing jib cranes are known for providing easy and efficient operations, and for maximizing the safety of the operators. In addition we bring you the most popular wall-mounted slew jib cranes form Demag that can be found online.

D-AW Wall-Mounted Slew Jib Crane – This slew crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kg and is ideal for lighter applications. It has a low deadweight, what makes easy to move the jib even when loaded. Also, it has a low headroom dimensions, making it usable when long hook paths are required at a low ceiling height.

KBK Pillar-Mounted Slew Jib Crane With Two Jibs – An effective solution with two jibs, this slew crane does not require more space than the one with one jib. Its maximum capacity is 1000 kg and is available in four different jib arrangements. This slew crane can significantly improve the efficiency of specific processes and can be easily assembled.

D-MOS Mobile Pillar-Mounted Slew Jib Crane – This slew crane is ideal for industrial facilities that are prone to frequent changes, because it can be easily relocated and adapted to meet new requirements. Its maximum lifting capacity is 500 kg and is generally used for conversion or maintenance work.

D-GS Pillar-Mounted Slew Jib Crane –This slew crane model is known for its advantage of providing a jib movement even if it is inhibited by walls or columns. It provides a rotation of 360 degrees and has a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. This slew crane is ideal for applications that require a maximum hook paths and where there is a limited headroom.