Interesting Facts about One of the Most Interesting Instrument – The Guitar

‘The hands find a way to do what the heart wants to say’ – Paco de Lucia¬†

Listening to sweet melodies under the stars with good company and a bottle of sweet wine… Although every instrument has its own value and beauty, the guitar is that one instrument you can take anywhere with you and play it without relying on electricity, unlike the piano for instance. This and many other reasons is what has made the guitar the most popular instrument there is. Regardless of whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been playing the guitar for quite a while now, there are lots of interesting facts about it you might find useful in different situations. Whether answering quiz questions, trying to impress someone or just making sure that you know enough about your instrument, here are some bits of additional info you’ll be glad to have up your sleeve.

begginers guitars

– The word guitar in the English language comes from the 1660s from the Spanish word ‘guitarra’.

– It is believed that the guitar originated from an older instrument known as ‘sitara’ from central Asia and ancient India.

– According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest guitar is over 13 metres long. It was created by the Academy of Science and Technology in Texas and weighs over 1 000kg.

– Generally speaking, the classic guitar consists of six strings, however, there are begginers guitars with three strings ideal for beginners and little children who want to step into the melodic guitar world.

– The most expensive guitar in the world created by Fender ‘Reach Out to Asia’ was sold for $2.7 million at an auction for the purpose of raising money for victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

– The most luxurious guitar in the world was made by Gibson in 2015. ‘The Eden of Coronet’ is a white SG that features more than 400 diamonds, and around 1.6kg of 18k gold.

– According to a study, the Fender guitar company makes around 90 000 guitar strings a day.

– The first electric guitars were invented in 1930, a turning point that is responsible for most of today’s modern popular music.

– Both classical and electronic guitars are played by finger-plucking, or by striking the strings with the help of a small pick which is a small triangular piece of plastic, or with a plectrum (this goes only for electric guitars).

– The classic guitar is also known as Spanish guitar, and one of the history’s greatest guitarist Paco de Lucia comes precisely from Spain.

– The ideal begginers guitars are the ones that fit perfectly in your hand, and those you feel comfortable playing on.