Interesting Facts about Leatherman (The Ultimate Range of Multi-Tools)

Sometimes, carrying a pocket knife with you is just not enough. If you are an adventurer who loves to spend time outdoors, you might need a more versatile and useful tool, i.e. a multi-tool. Such multi-tools can help you deal with different tasks, from starting a fire and opening up a can, to life-saving situations like making a shelter and signalling for help.



If you haven’t made your acquaintance already, it might be the right time to meet the Leatherman multi-tool.

History of Leatherman

At 1969, Tim Leatherman and his wife took a trip to Iran in an old Fiat. Tim was carrying a pocket knife that he used to fix the car and some hotel room issues. Every single time, however, he was confronted with the same thing: the pocket knife didn’t have pliers. Tim used to carry his idea of a pocket multi-tool in his shirt pocket. After years of careful planning and researching, he just decided to develop the tool with his partner in crime, Steve Berliner, and establish a company around it: Leatherman. With all that hard work and dedication paying off, today Leatherman is a worldwide famous multi-tool.

What Makes it Multi Cool?

Leatherman multi-tool


It’s Durable

Every Leatherman product is manufactured with an improved, high-carbon form of stainless steel. It’s a high-quality, corrosion-resistant material that can ensure the sharpness of the knife blades. With the right care, your multi-tool can last a lifetime. The 25-year warranty on all Leatherman products speaks volumes about their durability and quality.

Various Models

There is a right model of Leatherman for everyone, and now it’s easier than ever to buy Leatherman online. Campers, hikers, scuba divers, bikers, handyman, and any household can benefit from this multi-tool.

If you need a simple model you can carry on your keychain, go for Leatherman Carabiner. This model also doubles as a bottle opener and features a hex driver in the upper corner.

Leatherman tools


If you require a simple folding knife to carry with you for “just in case”, you can opt for Leatherman Crater C33X. This model is very light (only 67 g) – a combination of a straight and serrated knife. It features a locking blade and locking liner, which make it very safe for use. It also comes with replaceable pocket clip and thumb stud.

If you often go on longer trips out in the open, camping or fishing, it might be a smart idea to buy a Leatherman Rebar. This model features pillars (needlenose and regular), electrical crimper, knife, saw, different size screwdrivers, ruler, bottle and can opener and more.

You can also opt for a knifeless version of the Leatherman Rebar that’s perfect for environments and job sites that don’t allow for knife blades, although you might need a handy set of tools. Built for tough jobs, the knifeless Rebar features scissors instead of a traditional knife blade. Other essential features include a file, screwdrivers, replaceable wire cutters, a saw and more.

It Prepares You for Anything

Exploring nature and being adventurous is great, but one needs to be prepared. Sometimes you might need to cut tree branches to start up a fire, hang bear rope for your bag or cut off clothing to make bandages. The Signal Letherman, for example, includes a signal whistle, which can help rescuers find you even if you are unable to move. No matter which model you choose when you buy Leatherman online or from a physical store, one thing’s for sure, you’ll go on adventures more confidently than ever before!

Leatherman men accessories


Multiple Ways of Use

There’re countless ways to use your Leatherman multi-tool on the job site, outdoors and beyond. The following are some of the many applications of this ultimate tool champion.

-Use it to light a broken match. Instead of burning your fingers, simply hold the match in the pilers.

-Use your Leatherman to make a fishhook. If you have some barbed wire, you can use your Letherman to bend, cut and fill a sharp point to make a fish hook.

-It’s a perfect ice scraper for car windows when plastic scrapers can’t do the job. However, be extra gentle as to avoid scratching the glass.

-You can easily remove the AAA batteries with your Leatherman multi-tool without breaking your fingernails.

-Another way to use it is to slight a raffle. Many gun sights require a screwdriver for adjustment, and most Leatherman models have one of these handy tools.

-You can take quick measurements with your Leatherman’s ruler.

-You can use it to open cans and bottles. Any Leatherman out there can open your can of beans, a bottle of water and cold beer fast and easy.

-If you know your way around cars, you can use your multi-tool for simple auto repairs.

-It’s an efficient first aid tool. You can use it to cut bandages, clean wounds or pull splinters or porcupine quills from both humans and dogs.

Easy to Maintain

If you want a multi-tool you can use for life without spending too much time on maintenance, the Leatherman tools are a perfect choice. You should simply clean your Leatherman from time to time to get rid of any debris it has picked up from all that carrying around in your pocket or bag. You can wash it with warm soapy water and use an old toothbrush with soft bristles to get rid of trapped debris. Make sure it’s completely dry before you use it again.

It’s also important to lubricate your Leatherman. Mineral oil is the most versatile option as it can be used on every part including tools you’ll use for food prep, while the 3-in-1 oil is meant to be applied on tools that won’t be used for food prep. Make sure to use only one drop of lubricant per pivot mechanism, since putting too much lubricant can cause more harm than good.

Now that you know all the facts and benefits of a Leatherman, get yours ready for the next adventure or home/work project. Have fun using it, and don’t forget to keep it safe and out children’s reach.