Interesting Facts About Klarus Tactical Flashlights & Torches

The dual-switch tactical flashlights of today have been pioneered by none other than Klarus. Founded in 2011, this flashlight manufacturer took two years to make the revolutionary XR11 which marked their dual-switch debut. Then, in 2015, one of Klarus’s torches was featured on the big screen in the movie “The Hunger Games 3: Mocking Bird “ and “The Whispers”.

Over the years, Klarus have shown their commitment to creating military, law enforcement and other professional-quality lighting equipment. They have established themselves as true leaders when it comes to LED torches, which goes well with their motto “Innovation is Illumination”.

Where Are Klarus Flashlights Made?

Klarus flashlights are mainly made in Shenzen, China and although Chinese manufacturers have a bad rep, Klarus has been known to break such stereotypes. This is evident in the most advanced Klarus torches which define what it’s like to use a high-quality Klarus tactical flashlight.

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Being one of their fourth generation tactical flashlights, the XT11S features multiple operating modes. There are conventional, hunting and ultimate tactical modes. Each mode allows you to use the XT11S in different scenarios without losing on performance. When it comes to performance, the XT11S is capable of outputting 1100 lm with a beam distance of 330 meters. This Klarus tactical flashlight comes with ITS temperature control system that adjusts its maximum light output whilst protecting the LEDs.

You also get reverse-polarity protection, an aircraft-grade aluminium housing and a stainless steel bezel which make for a safe but also rugged torch. The XT11S has a durable tempered glass lens with an AR film plating which is highly scratch resistant. Although the battery on the XT11s is only 2600 mAh, it is enough to make it versatile and accommodate all its various operating and lighting modes and features. The side switch on the XT11S has a lock function that helps prevent accidental illumination which can easily lead to power drainage, especially when in storage.

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The XT12GT is a hand-sized tactical torch that can beam light across 603m, which is quite a lot for this small flashlight. The XT12GT comes with 1600 lm of output and a dual tail button interface. It has two operating modes, tactical and outdoor whilst it can conveniently charge with the magnetic charger that comes together with it in the box. The toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens comes with an anti-corrosive coating too which makes it even tougher than it already is. The XT12GT has springs at the tail and bezel to prevent damage when it drops or gets hit.

This Klarus torch has ITS temperature control too and an intelligent digital charging module that monitors the charging progress. This offers safe and fast charging cycles as it comes with over-charging protection too. The XT12GT weighs around 160 g despite it having a 3600 mAh battery. You also get a stainless steel strike bezel which is capable of breaking through glass as well as being used as a self-defence tool. The impact resistance of this IPX-8 rated torch is up to 1 m and it is only 16 cm long which means it’s a feature-packed device.

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Although the XT 32 has fewer lumens than both the XT11S and XT12GT it is still capable of providing you with the same tactical advances the aforementioned torches have. Want to know what its peak beam distance is? For a 24 cm long torch, it can output its 1200 lm across a 1000 m a lot more than both the aforementioned torches. That’s quite impressive for this 263 g heavy torch which also comes with a hunting operating mode. Like the XT12GT it also has both the ITS temperature protection system and intelligent capacity indicator too.

This CNC machined torch comes made of aerospace, Mil-spec HAIII anodizing, anti-abrasive aluminium alloy. Its tactical interface includes a one-touch turbo and strobe mode which are also available in the hunting interface/ operating mode. The precision manufactured reflector on the XT32 has an optimized design made for extended range illumination, max beam distance and improved spotlight performance.

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With the XT11Gt you get the highest lumen count of 2000 but you’re only left at a peak beam distance of 316 m. Don’t worry though as this mighty torch has 6 lighting modes as well as three different operating modes. The three modes are tactical, outdoor and advanced tactical.

While the XT11GTs throw distance isn’t as impressive, the number of features it has can easily help make your exploration far easier. The flashlight has an intelligent memory system which will remember the mode you last left it on and keep it that way so when you turn it on it just resumes to that mode. This way you don’t have to flick through the various different modes to find which one you were using before.