Interesting Facts About Fitness to Treat the Fitness Geeks’ Curiosity

The need to be fit was always present since the history of humankind, though of course not in the form we know of today. In pre-historic times, men relied on their ideally shaped bodies and agility to hunt in order to survive, so fitness was crucial in the aspect of survival. Basically, those who weren’t that fit, and more specifically weren’t able to jump, run, lift, carry, crawl, or climb, were faced with real life threat considering there were predators of all sorts and sizes lurking around.Fitness Equipment Australia

I know what you’re thinking, back then they didn’t have the high-calorie and fat rich foods and sweets we have today to tempt them, and you’re right, but despite this we’re in advantage now, we have something they didn’t have back then: the bits and pieces of equipment. Take a look at all the options of fitness equipment Australia specialised shops and retailers abound in, and you’d find something suitable for your body and strength to keep you in perfect shape. The beginnings of exercise in the terms we know today go back to the 1800s, as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the appearance of more sedentary jobs, and that’s when people began to see the importance of staying physically active.

Germans, ahead with Johann Bernhard Basedow, started the way to healthier lifestyles by opening up the Philanthropinum, the progressive school with particular emphasis on exercises and games, from running and riding, to dancing, vaulting and wrestling, which is how physical training became part of education. While Germans used certain apparatuses primarily with gymnastics, Swedes focused more on the bare essentials, breathing, massage and stretching.

The publishing of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species and his concept of the survival of the fittest led to the urge for strong people thus the Victorian Era is known for setting the grounds for the fitness culture worldwide. The 20th century marked the era of fitness clubs and the advocating for health. The scope of fitness equipment Australia shops have today, particularly the ones meant for the cardio exercises, such as the treadmills, emerged in the 1950s, with Robert A. Bruce, the doctor working at the University of Washington in Seattle resorting to treadmills in 1952 for stress tests.

The more technological advancements started out in the 1980s, which is when most of the equipment we use nowadays appeared and they particularly affected the cardiovascular equipment. Don’t wait up for motivation to strike, you can turn your home into your own gym if you don’t feel like getting a membership at some of the local gyms.