Get These Gardening Facts Up Your Sleeve & Level Up Instantly

Gardening is a huge step in human evolution. The point in time when we started growing our own food marks the beginning of our species’ upward development. Primarily used in the past as a means to have constant access to food, gardening today has taken on a different role, namely, as a hobby or a way of life. This is due to the many positive effects it has on people’s health and overall well-being.

Getting sick and tired of buying produce that you are not sure where it came from and wondering whether it will do more harm than good to your health? Many of us are, but luckily you can actually do something about that. With the proper knowledge and equipment you can create your own garden and begin harvesting the benefits of your own labour. But, before choosing from the wide range of fruit and vegetable seeds Australia market offers, here are some interesting facts about plants and gardening.

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Plants Love When You’re Talking to Them

You know that age-old myth that you need to talk to plants to help them grow stronger? Well, it turns out it’s somewhat true and that you were wrong giving your plants the silent treatment. According to some studies, plants respond positively to vibration like music or human voice. So, the next time you are in the mood of busting into song, just stand in the middle of your garden and imagine you are having a concert. Whatever your singing capabilities, the audience will love it!

Baking Soda for Sweeter Produce

One of the reasons some people don’t enjoy eating specific vegetables is their bitter taste. What if I told you there is a way you can reduce the acidity of a plant while it still grows? Here’s the trick – just sprinkle a little baking soda into the plant’s soil and it will grow sweeter. It is as simple as that. This way your kids will eat their veggies without having reasons to complain about their taste.

Some Fruits Are Actually Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue and most berries are roses too. Get your loved-one a juicy and healthy bouquet made of these fruits. Quite unique, right?

Gardening Improves Relationships

Research has shown that gardening boosts people’s concern and empathy for each other. Therefore, spending time caring for plants can actually make you care more about people. Here’s a friendly advice: the next time you’re about to get into a relationship, ask them if they have a garden.


Common Misconceptions

There is an intruder in your typical veggie salad – the tomato! If you want a vegetable salad true to its name, try switching the tomatoes for a watermelon! Yes, it is true – you’ve been living in an illusion your whole life. Tomatoes, shame on you!

World’s Largest Flower

The titan arums which grows in the rain-forests of Sumatra is the world’s largest flower, growing at a staggering 10 feet high and 3 feet wide. You’d think it will make for the world’s biggest air-freshener too, however, you are very much mistaken – it emits an odor similar to that of decaying flesh. No wonder it’s known under the moniker corpse flower.

Nudist Gardening

The first Saturday in May is the official World Naked Gardening day. It celebrates the unity and peace with nature. For everyone who likes a bit of gardening in the nude, it’s a nice occasion to play Adam or Eve.

By now I hope you have figured out that you reap what you sow. Literally! So, do you already have in mind what’s it going to be? I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for in the vast number of fruit and vegetable seeds Australia stores have in stock.