Fun Facts About Toys


Who does not like toys? Yeas, they are generally designed for children and to make play more fun for them, but there is no doubt that grownups love to play as well. There is a huge range of girls toys and toys for boys available online and in toy stores that are suitable for any age. Toys are very important when it comes to proper development and learning about the world. Children, through play, build own characters, strengthen their bodies, learn about effect and cause, practice skills and build relationships.

Children learn the most from toys for boys and girls that allow them to express their creativity such as puzzles, role play toys, dress-up outfits, building blocks, etc. Today, parents spend billions of dollars on various toys for boys and girls. And toy companies spend millions to promote their latest products. But, not every toy is suitable for play. When you buy kids toys online or in a store, consider your child age, likes, dislikes and intellect. Internet is a one huge market which allows quick comparison of different toys, their quality, application and price. Thus, buy kids toys online as it is convenient and it saves time. If you are a toy fan, here are some fun facts about toys and some famous toys for boys and girls in the world that maybe you didn’t know about.

The word Toy comes form an old English word that means TOOL.

The largest tire manufacturer in the world is a Lego Company. It produces 318 million tires every year which is equal to 870,000 tiny tires in a day. You can create 120 million combinations with just 6 Lego parts. Lego Company over the years has produced over 320 billion bricks which means that each person on our earth has 52 bricks.

Barbie doll is the first real and the best-selling doll in the history. It got named after founder’s daughter. The full name of the Barbie doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

There are less Canadians in Canada than Barbie dolls in Italy.

Before he created the Barbie doll, Jack Ryan designed missiles for the cold war in 1960.

Yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world. It was used in 500 B.C in Ancient Greece. It was also used in the Philippines in the 16th century as a weapon.

Monopoly game was created by Charles Barrow who was unemployed during the Great depression. In 1983, a world record of the longest monopoly game played was set. The game lasted for 1080 hours.

The 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, was the creator of the well-known, very popular, highly favored and loved Teddy Bear. He came with this idea during one of his hunting expeditions when he did not have the heart to kill a wounded bear cub.

The famous Rubik’s Cube has only one correct choice from 43 quintillion combinations. There are 300 million original cubes sold all over the world since its invention. If all Rubik’s cubes in the world were collected and put in a row, they would make a line long enough to connect the North and the South Pole.