Build Your Own RC Car with Self Assembly Kits

We all need a hobby that will let us set our mind aside from everyday stress and worries, especially in these uncertain times. Having a hobby is great for improving mental alertness and concentration and for boosting your self-esteem. You can get in touch with hobby-related communities or get into it by yourself, whatever works best for you. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, many adults think of hobbies as activities that are only appealing to kids, but the truth is that many hobbies can challenge the adult mind and body and help you foster a good kind of stress. One of these is the RC hobby, an interesting and exciting activity that allows people of all ages to come together and have fun driving and racing their radio controlled (RC) vehicles.

RC cars are self-powered model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialised transmitter. One of the coolest things is that you can build them yourself with self assembly RC car kits. You can find a variety of hobby tools to style your car as you wish and upgrade it to make it faster, more durable, stronger or more adjustable.

What You Need to Know About RC Car Kits

Kits are a box full of parts that you’re required to put together and build your car from the ground up. The main reason why many opt for self assembly RC car kits is that you get the satisfaction of building your car by yourself, with your kid or with a friend. It’s easy, yet rewarding and you’ll know your car inside and out when it’s ready.

Another great advantage of the car kits is that you can customise how your car is built and choose how you want to mount certain things and even add better parts to the vehicle from the beginning. If it’s your first time you should know that it may take 4 hours or more to build your own remote control car. Every car kit comes with instructions that guide you through the entire process step by step, all you need to invest is your time and patience.
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Inside a kit box, you’ll find bags of parts, labelled or numbered to correspond with the assembly steps in the manual. Some kits have complicated components, such as shocks, turnbuckles or differentials already assembled, while other kits include electronic components needed for completion.

When selecting your first car or truck, you can choose between nitro (engine) power or electric. However, electric cars are more affordable, quieter and easier to maintain than nitro-powered models. The advanced motor and battery technology has made them the ideal choice for running indoors. Charge it up, plug it in and flick the switch – that’s how simple it is to operate an electric vehicle.

Also, there are on-road and off-road cars and trucks you can choose from. On-road vehicles can be used only on the pavement, but if you feel like you might get tempted to take your vehicle out in the dirt or jump it, then you better go for off-road cars.

On-road or touring cars are ideal for smooth surfaces such as asphalt, pavement and carpet. They are built for speed, have a great look, styled on real-life cars. Off-road cars, on the other hand, have taller suspension and more ground clearance, including cars like Short-Course Trucks, Monster Trucks, Buggies and Rock Crawlers. All of them are made to race around on rough terrain, offering a whole new aspect of the RC hobby.

Benefits of RC Cars Kits

The Grin of Satisfaction and Happiness from “Building Something from Scratch”

RC cars can be used at almost any age and both adults and children can have fun driving them. RC car kits, on the other hand, can be an opportunity to learn about building and understanding “how things work”. Building a kit from parts you get in a box is a form of entertainment and a challenging and creative process. So, if you enjoy putting parts of a kit together to make a single operating machine or structure, this is the right hobby for you.
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Bonding Time with Your Kid

Working together on an RC kit can be fun for both you and your child. We live in times when playing video games is our children’s favourite activity and they barely move their eyes from their tablets. Learning the RC hobby as parent and child can be a hugely bonding experience and getting outside to play is a great benefit for kids.

Building RC cars, learning how different RC systems work and adjusting car and radio settings are just some of the many things a child can learn from their parent as they assemble, adjust and play with RC vehicles.

Growing Hobby – From an Absolute Beginner to a Racing Pro

As you get more involved with the hobby, you may find that your first RC car isn’t keeping up with your interests, or you may find a new group of people to race with or a new area to drive your car. That’s why many hobbyists have several cars, so they can play on various terrains and surface. So, start with one and see how far it will take you.