Free Skating and Urban Skating – Rollerblading Trends

One cannot talk about rollerblades without remembering when it all began and how. The predecessors of rollerblades were of course ice-skates. Once winter time was over, people were looking for ways to use skates year round. This is what led to the creation of the first type of rollerblades, about 300 years ago in The Netherlands, called skeelers at the time. Ever since, their design has undergone many improvements to get to the form as we know it today.

Originating in the US, they quickly spread to the rest of the world. What made them so popular instantly was the ability to move faster. Though as of late there has been a notable decline in the sense of popularity when compared with the 90s craze, rollerblading is still considered a fun exercise, because not only are you strengthening the body, you are also changing surroundings unlike with exercising at the gym for instance. Some countries see an ongoing trend of rollerblading and even have groups for this physical activity on wheels. In France, there are rollerblading tours available for booking which offer a unique sightseeing experience since many of the famous streets and squares are included.


Rollerblading trends differ in style and that is why there are so many rollerblades to choose from, which can be a bit confusing for beginners. Luckily, there is a great deal of info you can get prior to your purchase in a specialised skate shop Australia, just like France, gives people the chance to participate in rollerblading events with lanes provided in parks to suit recreational needs. The two terms that lately emerge in the rollerblading scene are free skating and urban skating. Though most think they are the same, there is a crucial difference.

The one thing these two rollerblading styles have in common is that you can use the same type of skates as the design is a combination of both rollerblading techniques. The skates are fit for recreational leisure skating as well as doing tricks, which is why the design is made for comfort and pressure endurance. Once you get skilful in rollerblading, you have the opportunity to add some slick manoeuvre. You can find the best skate shop Australia wide for your taste and you will be surprised to see the myriad of skate choices there are with affordable prices.

Free skating is a rollerblading style which is described as the more aggressive form of rollerblading. If you see a person doing stunts while rollerblading, then it is the case of free skating. Whenever an obstacle appears on the way, they make sure they skate along, and they often incorporate skating on wall buildings, stairs and fences. Having their bodies flung in the air, tossing and turning, you might think this kind of rollerblading style is not that difficult to achieve by the ease they do it, but mind you, it takes a lot of practice (sometimes even bone-breaking) to master it.

Urban skating, however, is less physically challenging. It is the rollerblading you can use instead of the usual means of transportation, so as to avoid traffic jams and make your way through the city faster. This requires a special kind of precaution because once you find yourself crossing bridges and main roads, you have to be wary of drivers and vehicles to make your way through easily with no injuries.

If you are still undecided on joining the trend, rollerblading is ideal for the overall health because you get to burn calories faster and tone your muscles, plus walks are taken to another level. So, get your own skates and connect with other rollerblading enthusiasts.