Few Interesting Facts About Recycling

Recycling is a great way to get valuable products from waste materials. There are a plenty of benefits of recycling, whether you hire a skip bin or dispose the waste on your own. In addition to the environmental benefits, recycling also provides you more space to fill your skip bin with non-recyclable waste.


Before you hire a skip bin company to start the seasonal cleaning, you should categorize you waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items, so you can ensure everything that can be reused is sorted at one place. One thing is for sure, recycling makes a huge difference in the environment and all people should take part in it. Here are few interesting facts about recycling that may change your mindset about it.

Fact #1: Australia is among the countries with the highest per capita waste generation. On average, each Australian household generates more recyclable waste than people in virtually all other countries (about 400 kg of waste a year).

Fact #2: Battery is the most common form of dangerous waste generated in Australia. Batteries contain hazardous substances and chemicals and over 350 million of batteries are purchased every year, so they must be disposed properly. The bigger batteries used in vehicles, or accumulators, are particularly toxic.


Fact #3: About 93% of Australians can hire a skip bin company, still a lot of waste ends up in landfills.

Fact #4: For every tonne of recycled newspaper, three cubic metres of landfill space is saved.

Fact #5: In 2008, Australia was the world’s first recycler of newspapers.

Fact #6: Food organics are 2/3 of all waste sent to Australian landfill. These materials decompose in the landfill, creating a greenhouse gas (methane), which is even more hazardous than carbon dioxide.

Fact #7: One recycled plastic bottle can power up a PC for 25 minutes. One recycled aluminum can can power up a TV for three hours.

Fact #8: Over 17 million of steel cans are recycled on a weekly basis in Australia, which is enough to manufacture about 900 cars.

Fact #9: Plastic items are a big source of trash in Australia. In 2003, the percentage of items made from plastic in the trash has been 36%. Plastics are made from fossil fuels, but creating plastic from recycled materials requires only 30% of the energy required to make plastic products from fossil fuels.

Fact #10: Hire a skip bin company to dispose of your waste that contains glass bottles. If glass is not recycled, it needs about at least one million years to break down.