Few Facts About Transcend CPAP

Transcend CPAP

If you are tired of using bulky CPAP machines, the transcend CPAP machine is the ideal solution for your sleep apnea problem. The transcend CPAP machine can satisfy all your needs, and thanks to its features, it will provide you with the freedom to sleep when and where you like without restrictions. The transcend CPAP differs from the regular CPAP machine as it is unique, practical, small and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

By purchasing a transcend CPAP device, you are getting a vibration free, ultra lightweight and quiet CPAP machine. The transcend CPAP is lighter, smaller, portable, practical and has humidification advancements. When compared to the conventional CPAP humidifiers, the transcend CPAP humidification system has heat moisture exchanger (HME), which is compact, simple and capable to capture warm moisture from the air exhaled.

The conventional CPAP humidifiers on the other hand, are messy, bulky and require access to distilled water, something you surely do not want to take with you on a vacation. If you suffer from sleep apnea, the transcend CPAP is the perfect solution for having normal life and when going on a vacation with your loved ones. This machine eliminates the need to carry a big and bulky CPAP machine. Here are some facts you may have not knew about the transcend CPAP.

  • Transcend CPAP is reasonably priced CPAP machine when compared to the conventional CPAP machines on the market.
  • Transcend CPAP is designed to automatically change the treatment pressure depending on the environment. It can adjust the pressure on its own to altitudes up to 2 500 meters.
  • The transcend CPAP humidification system comes with patented and exclusive interface which is compatible with the most commonly used CPAP nasal seals.
  • Transcend CPAP has a universal AC power supply, which automatically converts the power current.
  • Most transcend CPAP devices come with two year warranty.
  • Transcend CPAP machines do not require lot of power. They are known for the low power consumption.
  • Transcend CPAP is completely integrated system that can be packed into a small case.