Interesting Facts about Running


Life can be chaotic, especially in the world of today. But hey, you can at least run your problems away. Yes, notice the difference – I didn’t say run away from your problems (because that would only make them worse), rather take the time off for yourself throughout the day, and make running your exercise. That way when you get back to your problems with a clear head, and some extra weight off, you can easily solve them.

It’s no secret running has been growing in popularity nation-wide since 2011, according to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), and it’s safe to say there are more runners now than there were ten years ago, making it one of the preferred outdoor activities and forms of exercise – no matter the time of year, sun, rain, snow, or the time of day. Running at night has been discussed as even more beneficial, and when you’re in the company of a mighty headlamp for running, you can count on visibility same as during daylight.

Speaking of headlamps, it was an invention since the 1900s, mostly driven by the necessity in the mining business, starting off with carbide lamps, moving on to Thomas Edison’s electric types, incandescent, or combustion, only to be replaced by the much more superior LEDs in terms of beam, battery life, durability, and high efficiency altogether. Nowadays the wide range of headlamp for running, from outstanding brands like Olight, with plenty of useful features, and properties, has become affordable too, so taking up night running shouldn’t cost you much either.


Our bodies are so complex, most of us have no idea it takes plenty of blood vessels, tendons, nerves, ligaments, joints (33 to be exact), and bones (26!), to be in sync, working together to keep our feet running! Now that’s a great deal of activity. When it comes to activity, a reason more to convince you to do so on a daily basis is the fact you can lower down the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Why do we love running? Because of the liberating feeling it fills us with, even as we waste all the energy. Besides, there’s no age limit; the perfect example for this being India’s Fauja Singh known for completing a marathon at 100 years of age. How’s that for motivation? Then, it’s also a fact running can be what you make of it. Whether you prefer solitary runs, or socialising with a group of runners, running at different paces, or competing, it’s all about your preferences, and what works best for your body.

If you need more convincing about this sort of exercising, have in mind it’s one of the best ways to get a hold of your weight, keeping it balanced, the easiest way to eliminate stress, depression, and sleepless nights, prevent cardiovascular illnesses, as well as keep you far from colds and the flu thanks to the immune system boost. Don’t wait up and start running!