Facts About French Wine

France is one of the oldest wine producing regions and today it is the world’s second largest wine producer. On average, France produces more than 6 billion bottles of wine per year. For centuries, France has been regarded as a premier wine-producing country, but the reputation of the quality French wine has been challenged over the recent decades by Italy, Spain and Australia.

Still, France has secrets of wine making that have stood the test of time and are contributing to the unique taste of French wine we drink today. Let’s explore a bit more and learn some facts about world-famous and most sought-after wines.


  • The style of French wine reflects the French people – well-dressed and elegant, without excessive flavours or aromas. French wines are perfect for food pairings, as they do not overpower neither the alcohol nor the flavour.
  • This year, France has reclaimed the top spot as world’s biggest wine-producing country for the first time since 2011. Italy has been at the top for few years, but the quality French wine has overtaken the throne once again.
  • In a year, French consume 60 liters of wine per person, which is more than any other country in the world. 60% of the French market wine sales belong to the French red wines, while rose account for 25% and white wines for 15%.
  • Champagne is the most popular French wine (or better said, sparkling) and it has become a national icon. The first Champagne was discovered in the late 17th century by a French monk. Did you know that Champagne is recorded as France’s trademark in the European Union?
  • France started classifying and passing laws concerning wine making in 1935. The French government used to define wines according to the regions where they have been produced. This is why the French wines have the geographical names. The French wine system is hierarchical.
  • A perfect example of the hierarchical wine system of France is Burgundy. Wines produced in this region are labeled simply: the reds are Bourgogne Rouge and the whites are Bourgogne Blanc.
  • The quality of the least expensive French wines have significantly improved, which provides a plenty more options to wine consumers.
  • 1/3 of all French wines produced are being exported all around the world, which is worth over 10 billion euros per year. The demand for the quality French wine is increasing in many countries, especially in Australia and Asian countries.