Making the Most of Your Baby’s First Two Years of Life: Tips to Give Your Child the Best Start

Children, especially in their first years of development, depend completely on their parents. During the first and second years, toddlers are beginning to vigorously explore the world around them. They are moving around more, and are starting to become aware of themselves and their surroundings. Nothing like a toddler’s curiosity about the things they see around them, the sounds they hear and the new objects they stumble upon.

During the stage between 2 and 3 years, toddlers will show greater independence and the ability to follow simple instructions. At the age of two toddlers develop certain emotional responses to what they like and dislike, and are now able to recognize their reflection in the mirror. This is why the first two years of your child’s life are so interesting and most important. That being said, we’re going to cover some of the basics of how to prepare for this period of growth and development.

Introduce Your Child to the World of Creativity with Toys

boy plying with baby toy

Baby toys not only help your child find entertainment but also give your kids the ability to think creatively and develop their social skills. Toddler toys leave open space for games that instil creative imagination in your child. You will see your kids using their imagination and making something beautiful and new out of them every time they play. Nowadays, you can order a fun baby toy online without even needing to leave the comfort of your home. But what kind of toys to choose from?

In their first years, toys that are made of soft materials are best for safety and there is no shortage of the variety of different, designs, styles in which you can get them. At the end of the day, there’s not a kid in the world who won’t love to receive a new toy.

Unstructured, spontaneous play is the time when kids direct their own play. They are not bound by schedules or activities directed by adults and can now freely express their character and imagination. Unstructured play strengthens and increases neural connections in the brain. These are the paths in the brain that we use for thinking and making sense out of things.

Also, when alone, and even bored, children’s brains take up the challenge of playing by themselves. They are the experts in finding new and exciting ways to stimulate and entertain themselves. So there is no need for tablets and smartphones which aren’t without their own benefits but nothing beats the good old-fashioned baby toy. With actual toys, there is no harmful screen-time and your kid gets to use more of their imagination instead of playing games or watching videos which encourage passivity and laziness. So, explore the baby toy online range and find something that will stimulate your child the healthy way.

Hygiene Supplies and Potty Training

baby potty training

Many parents don’t start potty training until their children are 2 1/2 to 3 years old when daytime bladder control has become more reliable. And some children aren’t interested in potty training until they’re closer to 3, so it really is an individual process. Regardless, as a parent, you want to be in the know, and want to be prepared as much as possible.

The key to successful potty training is giving your child lots of undivided attention, positive reinforcement, love, affection and cheer when they are successful. Making a big deal about small steps of progress is key. Things you will need? Lots of patience, cool potty training pants and big-kid underwear can be a big motivator in helping your child move beyond diapers. You also need training underpants that come in both disposable and reusable styles and are also divided into daytime and nighttime training underpants so make sure you get them both. Awesomely decorated potty chair, toilet paper/flushable wipes, kid-friendly hand soap are all of the things you’re going to need if you want to be a step ahead of any upcoming challenge.

A Go-to Bag When You Go Outside or Visit Friends

mom packing baby bag with diapers

Every mom and dad need to have their emergency supply bag ready at any time and any place. Most parents prepare this bag long before the baby has even come out. This is one how parents express their love which words cannot convey. So now that your baby is growing, learning and developing, you want to take him or her with you and gently introduce them to the world.

In addition to medical emergency supplies such as antiseptic solution, bandages, cotton balls, emergency blanket, gauze, ice pack and more, you also need to bring along your newborn’s favourite toy. And regardless of whether you’re introducing your child to other kids or not, bring along a baby playmat that is not only for hygienic purposes but also provides comfort and engagement to your child when in an unfamiliar environment.

Toddler Cutlery and Booster Seat

mom feeding baby on booster seat

Whether you’re still breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, chances are you’re browsing around on items you want to stock up on for the next couple of months of your child’s growth. One of the many ways to help introduce your toddler to the world of adults is to teach them how to eat by themselves. This can be a job that requires parenting skills and patience but wanting food is an instinct so eventually kids get into the groove of helping themselves with the food that is in front of them.

When it comes to child safety, which is your number one priority, specialised toddler cutlery is one of the most practical baby feeding supplies which are designed to help parents but also make for great gifts. Another expected step in the process of feeding is introducing a booster seat to your child for their safety and convenience. Once your baby can sit for an extended period without falling forward — usually at about 9 months old — she or he can move out of her high chair and into a booster seat. Parenting is a laborious job, perhaps the most demanding yet most fulfilling job on the planet and this is why you shouldn’t be harsh on yourself and feel free to celebrate every little success and pat yourself on the shoulder for doing your best.