Australian Freight Transport Industry – Few Interesting Facts To Know

Australian Freight Transport industry has come a long way. It’s one of the most progressive industries that plays important role in the economic growth and prosperity of the country. According to the latest statistics, Australian freight transport covers more kilometers and carries more freight than any other trucking industry ever had. Since community demands higher environmental and safety standards, it will not be a surprise if the freight task doubles in the next 15 years. Even though Australian Freight Transport industry is fairly new, still the number of successful and efficient freight loads is surprisingly high. Here are few more facts you may want to know.

Australian Freight Transport Industry

  • Freight transport in Australia is quite popular there are more roads than railways. This means that trucks are the integral part of domestic and international trade and commerce.


  • Did you know that Australia has higher freight levels and road length per capital than any other country? Freight transport is a must, since Australia has a small population but huge land mass.


  • No wonder Australian freight transport is so popular when the approximate truck fleet travels around 12,505 million km and transports 1,549 million tonnes freight per year.


  • Australian freight transport industry has grown and improved so much that it has even exceeded the national income. According to some statistics, the freight tasks will double by 2020.


  • Australian freight transport industry employs far more than any other industry in the country. There are over 70,000 truck drivers, administrators, mechanics and others involved in the industry.


  • Probably you didn’t know that trucks generate only 21% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emission. This number keeps declining due to better engines and greater use of larger trucks.


  • Australian freight transport industry has strict regulations in order to provide safe and efficient delivery of food and goods. Thus, truck drivers are not allowed to drive more than 12 hours in a single day, and must rest every 4 hours.


  • Trucking companies must have at least two registered and licensed truck drivers – when one sleeps, the other drives.


  • Did you know that Australian trucks are fitted with huge ”roo bars” on the front to prevent damages in case a truck hits a kangaroo?