Aromatherapy Uncovered: Interesting Facts about Essential Oils

Ever since the dawn of time, people have relied on the use of plants for a number of reasons. Nowadays, after having a wide range of options, we’ve figured out sticking to plants is still the way to go when it comes to optimal well-being. The perfect example for this can be seen in the popularity of essential oils.

Though a practice that dates thousands of years, having in mind ancient Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, and Indians have all known and used the benefits of essential oils, the interest hasn’t waned over the years. Of course, to be able to make use of them better, it’s advisable to know a thing or two more about them, so here are some interesting facts. Based on the oils they are made of, there are several types of essential oils: those made of oils in the seeds, stems, roots, bark, as well as floral essential oils.

Essential geramium oil

Taking into consideration essential oil molecules can travel very fast through the body, no matter whether applied on the skin, or through inhaling, it’s important to make your choice prudently, and only go for something that’s pure, and is certified organic.

You can only expect a therapeutic experience positively affecting your well-being when you opt for organic oils. For instance, organic floral essential oils pass through the body once they are effective, whereas synthetic accumulate in the body – doing more harm than good over time; therefore, choose your oils wisely.

essential oils and medical flowers herbs

The fact that they carry oxygen molecules further shows their mighty effects in our overall health. This doesn’t only prove to be essential when it comes to strengthening the immune system, or lessening the result of ageing, but also with warding off bacteria (even the antibiotic-resistant type).

People with allergies find this most useful because whenever essential oils are diffused at home, the oxygen levels increase, as opposed to the allergens, in the likes of microbes, mould, as well as toxins.

The benefits go beyond this if we take the positive effects on mental health too. It’s thanks to essential oils that more antibodies, neurotransmitters, and endorphins are secreted, since the oils bring about more oxygen to the limbic system of the brain, or more specifically the area around the pituitary, pineal, and amygdala glands.

Don’t be surprised if after continuous use of organic essential oils you see some positive effects like smooth, glowing skin, strengthened immune system, no sight of cold, flu, allergies, or even the blues – oils have their way with bettering the mood and emotional trauma also.