Apple Laptop Battery Replacement – How to Check If You Need One

While a new Apple laptop can last you up to several years, the same cannot be said about its battery – and that is the case of any portable computer. If you own an original Apple laptop, you already know its age and whether it is time to take certain steps that can extend the life of your computer. One of the first things to do in order to achieve this purpose any is to inspect the battery, of course, because unfortunately, the Apple laptop is no exception when it comes to this problem.


In order to find out if you really need Apple laptop battery replacement you can look for these unusual signs:

  • Unplugging the AC adapter and seeing that after 5 minutes that your laptop shows you warnings about its impending shut-down. Some of you may experience the laptop shutting down without any warning given.
  • Seeing the cursor jumping around without a reason, deleting files by “accident” or acting otherwise abnormally.
  • Never noticing the battery indicator (at the right top of your screen) showing 100% or an X – this is a clear sign that the battery will soon reach its end.
  • Even though your laptop is connected with the AC charger, your battery life is around 95% to 97%.

One of the most annoying abnormalities is the second one we mentioned above – a misbehaving cursor. Many Apple laptop users are driven nuts because of this act since this is a problem that shows up both with the keyboard or the touchpad. One way to check if the abnormal cursor issue is due to battery problem is to take the battery out and connect it with the AC adapter. Type something in a document and if the abnormal cursor issue is not there, the answer is clear – the end of your battery is near!

You can always check the health of your Apple battery by clicking on the battery icon at the top right corner of your screen. A menu opens and it will show you one of these four states: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now and Service Battery. Clearly, the normal status means that the battery is O.K. and working at its maximum efficiency. If you see Replace Now, you should buy a new – as simple as that.

The quantity of time between Normal Status and Replace me now can differ depending on your luck. Some users are so lucky that their battery lasts up to 2 years, whereas some unlucky ones have their battery changed only after 3 months of usage. A good advice is to avoid the service battery status cause this can lead to battery explosion which can damage your Apple laptop.

By viewing the cycle count on your Apple laptop, you can determine if your battery is completely depleted or recharged. If the cycle count is higher, it is more likely that your battery needs to be changed.

You can prolong the life of your Apple laptop battery just by correcting a few settings, however after a couple of years, replacement is imminent. One adjustment that can help you safe the life of your battery is the brightness settings. If you set the brightness level lower that 100%, usually at 45% – 55% , this setting can increase your battery life up to four hours. Changing your Apple battery is not so hard and expensive. There are some hard-core Apple fans who insist you only replace your battery with an original Apple made, but there are a couple of replica battery replacements that can do the job just as the original Apple battery. It all depends on how you choose to do it, you may prefer something that came from Apple themselves or something that is second-hand manufactures, either way, you won’t make a mistake.