The Reality of Weight Gainers – Go Big and Stay Lean

If you thought that losing weight is the hardest battle in shaping the physique you so want, I suggest you think twice. Here comes the irony – for all fitness enthusiasts who want to look ripped and gain the much sought after muscles – gaining weight is the much tougher thing to do. How come? Simply put, increasing the amount of food you consume will not contribute to body mass as it does not contain much effective ingredients. This situation calls for the help of supplements that are specially designed to help you get the beast like body which is usually the first thing that comes to mind when talking about bodybuilding. Introducing – the benefits of weight gainers.Weight Gainers

Meeting the huge calorie requirement

One of the best things about weight gainers is that they make meeting your recommended calorie intake a piece of cake. If you are a “hard gainer”, meaning – someone who needs to eat tons of food to put on any muscle mass, then this supplement is just the right for you. There are weight gainers that pack in more than a thousand of calories per shake, which makes it much more easier for you to consume your 4000+ calories for the day.

The special fats help you stay lean

Another great benefit of weight gainers is that they are packed with a special kind of dietary fats which helps to keep you leaner while also building muscle. Dietary fats are probably the biggest variable macronutrient regarding the implications as to what kind of them you consume. For that reason, it is of utmost importance that you are sure what kind of fats you consume for an optimal effect. Look for a weight gainer that has medium chain triglycerides and a minimal amount of saturated fats.

Post-workout and daily varieties

There are weight gainers that are formulated in a way to be used close to your workout, while there are also others that are best to be used either as a meal replacement or as an addition to the meal you are already having in order to boost the calorie intake. If you are looking for a supplement of this kind that you can use immediately before or after working out, go for one that has a high carbohydrate content and as little fats as possible. Don’t worry if you take more calories during this part of your day (right after hitting the gym) as it is at this point that your body needs it most and will make best use of it. Nevertheless, make sure to keep the amount of fats you consume lower.