Six Interesting Reasons to Make Fake Turf Your Ally

With less and less time to spend on our house chores, fake turf is quickly becoming a very popular solution for creating a beautiful Australian backyard. Now, let’s see what makes fake turf a smart investment.

First off, fake turf requires no watering, trimming, mowing, fertilizing or pesticides. It looks great all year-round and can greatly reduce your water bill. With more and more natural-looking types of fake turf available on the market, we can say that it’s almost impossible to differentiate fake turf from the real thing, unless it’s closely inspected.


Secondly, the sun does not harm fake turf or cause it to fade. Modern artificial grass types come with UV protection coating and are designed to withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice. Some fake turf brands offer up to 12-year warranty, but when properly maintained they can last to up to 35 years, depending on use.

Thirdly, your pet cannot harm your synthetic grass. Many of the synthetic grass types available on the market are designed with dogs in mind. This means pet urine is not a problem as it absorbs into the ground or evaporates. Other types of mess can be cleaned up the same way as you would with natural grass. With artificial grass, you even have the chance to spray the soiled area with a hose and simply brush the turf back into place.

Artificial Grass Stakes

The fourth reason is – it is safe! Numerous studies conducted by experts have proven that fake turf is safe.

Reason number five is superior drainage. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf drains much faster, preventing mud or pot holes. And because it dries faster, it allows more outdoor time for fun activities or family hangouts.

Finally, it is easy to maintain. In order to care for fake turf, only occasional brooming is necessary. Additional sand infill is also recommended to help the fibers stand up. Leaves and other types of debris can easily be removed with a leaf blower.

The price of installing a fake turf in your home may seem more expensive initially, but over time, it pays off, proving to be a very cost-effective investment. The maintenance cost of fake grass is about 2 to 3 times lower than it is for the real thing and they can be used for activities for about 3,000 hours per year, with no break required.

All these benefits make fake turf an incredibly convenient option for creating a safe and low-maintenance backyard the entire family can enjoy!