Funny Fishing Bloopers Are Guaranteed to Make Your Day (and Teach You a Thing or Two)

I’m starting to believe that the funniest things happen to fishermen because they’re sitting in their small chairs, all calm and probably completely unaware of the world around them, when large fish do something sneaky behind their backs. Who would’ve thought that fish can be sneaky?! Oh well, when you’re drifting away.

Funny Fishing

So, I’ve been thinking about this lately and got to the conclusion that it’s rather hard to go fishing. Every move you do should be well planned and you should be very organized because otherwise, you can easily end up as the star in fishing funny bloopers. On the other hand, you know how one learns best – from their mistakes. So as long as you don’t end up with a body part missing or being pulled by a large sea monster, you can relax and embrace the funny situations. You’ll have fun and learn a thing or two. Here are a few situations to pay attention to.

Mind your casting

Whether you’re on shore or on a boat, when you throw the line in the water, the first thing you want to check before actually doing it, is whether the field behind you is clear. Are there trees behind and above you? Are there people behind you? Or maybe there are other rods you’ve placed just behind your back? Either way, casting with a setting behind will definitely land you in fishing funny bloopers if you have people around with smartphones and good cameras. Or possibly in hospital.

Watch out when posing with dolls

A lot of fishermen like to brag around on social media or to their friends and families about the catch they did with their crew. And when they don’t have a catch at all, they turn to dolls, which is okay, no judging when it comes to taking a photo or two. But when a sea lion is watching you from behind and decides to steal your supposed catch, you wanna believe he’s going to do it, regardless of it being a plastic doll. Do not pose close to the water; you never know what’s lurking from inside the deep.

Especially watch out when you’re in open sea

When in open sea, there’s not much to do if you get in trouble. You want to avoid all messy situations and power show-offs, especially with large, strong and powerful fish. Just follow the procedures, okay? Otherwise you can easily get hit by a flying merlin fish and lose your hat! And, God forbid, your head!

Now while most of these situations are funny, they could easily end up very wrong. So, no matter how funny it gets, make sure safety is first. And we can’t be kidding you for long – it’s always going to get funny when battling in the waters.