Forklift Truck – Interesting Facts To Know

One of the most commonly used machine for material handling tasks is the forklift truck. This highly efficient truck has become an essential part of every construction sites, warehouses or production facility. In these and other industry sectors, the forklift truck helps the operators or employees to lift and move heavy items or loads from one location to another. It is described as a versatile machine that can perform various tasks, both indoor and outdoor. The biggest benefit is that the forklift truck has the power to complete a certain task for which many people are needed. So, having a forklift truck in your company will certainly save you a lot of money and effort.


Since the forklift trucks are very common material handling equipment, it is always good to know a little bit more about them. Bellow are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the forklift truck:

  • The massive production of forklifts started in 1930 with the development of the standardized wood pallets. Their production continued after the World War II with the same intensity.
  • From 1950s, manufacturers started to design forklift trucks with capability to lift loads up to 15.2 meters. It was a big benefit that allowed the operators to achieve better material organization in the warehouses or production facilities.
  • The forklift truck is generally classified as an industrial truck.
  • The forklifts as industrial trucks can be classified according to the engine type, type of wheels, etc.
  • The forklift trucks are generally classified according to the engine type. Therefore, there are internal combustion forklifts and electrical forklifts. The internal combustion forklift truck can be powered by gasoline, diesel or propane. The electrical forklift on the other hand comes with rechargeable battery.
  • After the invention of the first electric forklift truck, their rechargeable battery had the capacity to last as long as one working shift – approximately 8 hours.
  • Since the forklift truck is a massive and powerful machine, not everyone is qualified to use a forklift. The forklift truck operator must complete special training program before using the machine for certain task.
  • From 2010, the manufacturers began a massive production of electric forklift trucks. More than 60% of the forklifts sold that year were in fact electric forklifts.
  • The sidewinder is the only forklift that is specifically designed to move in any direction. It is described as highly versatile machine as it can move loads and drive at the same time.
  • The newest forklift trucks on the market are fully automated machines. These forklifts can pick up and drop materials without any assistance.