Disability Walking Aids: Facts Regarding Latest Improvements

Limited mobility can no longer remain so limited. Not in the 21st century that is! With all freshly emerged innovations available to us, such as functional minimalism, it’s normal to expect a few experts to put their minds together and develop something simple, yet capable of rendering you more independent. I am talking about disability walking aids meant for those who need support when moving, but not too much (as in the form of a wheelchair).

These aids, provided they are of top notch quality and with all the latest improvements, can help you gain back your confidence, since you’ll be able to move around safely and successfully meet your needs when out and about. The various designs of disability walking aids is what makes it easy for any individual to find the right match, and for that purpose let’s ponder on some of their variations.


So basically, when looking for more than a cane, but less than a wheelchair, all eyes set on the walkers. These aids allow one to place more weight on the arms, instead of the legs, and thus achieve balance. Most walkers feature the same design – four legs and a lightweight frame, however there are also those available with wheels on their two front legs and those with wheels for all four. When using a walker, the height should be adjusted so that the elbows are bent, but only slightly.

Needless to say, a wheeled walker reduces the risk of falling and can provide much more support in comparison to any walking stick or cane and more movement than a walking frame. What turns out to be the best investment regarding all aspects is the rollator. The reason for its precedence is the fact that these have wheels on each leg. What’s more, they feature built-in seats, cause even wheels get tired, let alone you.

Apart from periodic rests, what the designers of these aids also thought about is control because you cannot be as independent as you want to unless you control speed, sitting, changing direction, stops and rest altogether. For this purpose, rollators conveniently feature breaks and wheels that swivel. And for those who want it all, a rollator can also be (and should be) foldable, lightweight and not too wide so that you can be able to go through any doorway.

To sum it up, think of it as your very own Jarvis in the form of a rollator, and you being the Iron man or woman in control of it.