15 Reasons Why Fireclay Sinks are the Best Choice

Buying a sink is an investment, and you want to make the right choice. It is wise to research the pros and cons of sinks before you buy. We hear all the time that shoppers are concerned about the durability of a fireclay sink . Let us alleviate your concerns right now.


Quality fireclay sinks are the best choice for your kitchen.

Many of the common misconceptions about fireclay sinks come from confusing fireclay with porcelain or ceramic. While porcelain and ceramic can be delicate, fireclay is solid. Fireclay is made from reinforced clay. Pre-fired clay is crushed and mixed in with the wet clay and then formed into a sink mould and left to dry. Companies like Australian brand, 1901 Sinks and Taps, and, the English manufacturer, Shaws of Darwen, craft their entire range of fireclay sinks by hand, so the attention to detail is personal and guarantee their quality.

Fireclay sinks were first created over three centuries ago. The handcrafting techniques have been perfected over the years, and modern glazing techniques have adapted and changed with the times, eliminating any minor problems that were first apparent in the original fireclay sinks. Today, there are far more pros than cons with a fireclay sink.


  1. Fireclay Begins with A Natural Material
    Fireclay sinks start with clay, and for many of the top brands, like Shaws of Darwen, the clay is locally sourced. Clay is a fine-grained natural rock, formed by natural weathering and hydrothermal activity. Mined out of the ground, it is one of the oldest building materials on Earth.
  2. Fireclay Is Handmade Using Time-Tested Techniques
    Fireclay sinks are over three centuries old and originated in Britan and Ireland. The original designs were oversized. Today, they are still made using many of the same hand-crafting techniques of those unique sinks. Over the centuries, artisans have perfected the techniques and allowed for modern technologies to improve upon tradition without losing any of the classic beauty.
  3. Every Handmade Fireclay Sink is Unique
    When fireclay sinks are made, no two are ever the same. That’s how you know it’s good quality and mass produced. Shaws of Darwen even goes as far as to have the master artisan who made your sink put their name to it so that you can be assured your sink is individual and unique.
  4. Many Fireclay Sinks are Recyclable
    When a manufacturer of fireclay sinks refrains from using leaded materials the sinks are recyclable. Shaws of Darwen has made this promise, and other companies have followed suit. They have also initiated sustainability practices and are committed to making a product that is sustainable.
  5. Modern Glazing Techniques Make Fireclay Sinks Durable
    If there has been an advancement that has most improved fireclay sinks over the last three centuries, it is the modern glazing techniques. When you take an incredibly durable material like fireclay and glaze it with the best glazes available, the result is a sink that is resistant to a range of potential hazards.
  6. Impact Resistant
    Unlike porcelain and ceramic sinks, fireclay sinks are resistant to chips and cracking. The surface of any properly glazed fireclay sink is very hard.
  7. Heat Resistant
    Fireclay isn’t conductive, and it is nearly impervious to changes in heat. This means if you have a double fireclay sink, you can have hot water in one side for washing up and cold water in the other for food preparation. You can even pour boiling water into the sink and follow it up with something cold.
  8. Chemical Resistant
    Fireclay lab sinks are often installed in school science classrooms because they can handle various chemical without the glaze being damaged. Chemicals like acid and alkali run off the surface like water off a duck’s back.
  9. Odour Resistant
    The finished surface of a fireclay sink is nonporous, which means it won’t retain the odour of strong-smelling foods like fish. You can feel confident that whatever foods you put in the sink, the aroma will not linger.shaws-bowland-fluted-butler-sink
  10. Stain Resistant
    Just like chemicals, stains run off fireclay sinks with ease. Your pristine white fireclay sink won’t discolour easily with common everyday use.
  11. Hypoallergenic
    Hard-wearing glazes are also antibacterial, reducing bacteria colonies of E-Coli and MRSA by 99.99% after a 24-hour period. The non-porous finish won’t allow any room for these bacteria to grow. This ensures the food you prepare and the hands you wash are as clean and free of germs as possible.
  12. Easy to Clean and Care For
    Your fireclay sink doesn’t require any special products to keep it clean. Just a little soap and water is all that is needed. Moreover, because it is antibacterial, you don’t have to feel that you need the harsh chemicals often used for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. This is great news for the environment and for your pocketbook.
  13. Fireclays Are Durable Enough for Wherever You Want to Install Them, Even Outside
    Fireclay sinks are designed to be used in the hardest working rooms in your homes. While fireclay kitchen sinks are the most common, there are also fireclay sinks for the bathroom and laundry room. The fireclay artisans take care to make each sink suit the needs of the room. Fireclay sinks are even durable enough to be used in an outside kitchen, where it can weather the elements much easier than any other material.fluted-farmhouse-sink-AYCLOUIS-3W
  14. Fireclay Sinks Suit Every Home Décor
    Whether you have a traditional or contemporary style, there is a fireclay sink to suit any décor. The classic Butler and Belfast Sinks are perfect in a heritage kitchen. A Farmhouse sink completes a Country kitchen. Apron-front sinks look beautiful in a French Provincial style kitchen, while basin sinks give you that spa-like bathroom of your dreams. Inset or undermounted sinks are perfect in a modern or Hamptons style home. No matter what style of sink, when you choose a fireclay sink in the classic white finish, it is the perfect choice for a black and white décor. Whatever sink you’re after, you can find it in fireclay.
  15. Fireclay is Eye-Catching and Has a Natural Beauty
    After you consider all of these amazing qualities of fireclay sinks, it is important to mention that they look great. They not only are clean, but they look clean in brilliant white. Their solid centre shines through their finish so that you can almost see their strength. Every handcrafted fireclay sink makes a statement of care and quality. Fireclay sinks upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or outdoor space with value and beauty.