Interesting Ways a Material Handling Stacker Can Help Your Business Efficiency

Material handling equipment plays an important role in commercial and industrial activities. Designed to respond to many different needs in the industry, these pieces of machinery are not only used to reduce manual effort but to also increase material value and productivity. One of the most common pieces of material handling equipment used in the industry is the stacker. Designed for small space operation and operation of lightweight materials, the material handling stacker is the most cost-effective option out of the entire category.

A Stacker Offers Many Benefits in Any Warehouse

Although it looks simple in design, a material handling stacker can transport loads up to 5000kg. It is very durable, which means it can be of great help in any warehouse. It is easy to maneuver and it can be operated by just one person. And when it comes to storage, the stacker doesn’t require much space, making it an ideal fit for small warehouses.

A Stacker Helps Increase Efficiency

A stacker is a piece of equipment used to hold, organize and protect materials and products. Having the right type and size of material handling equipment is crucial to ensure the production efficiency of a warehouse and to ensure the floor space is used properly. Common applications where a stacker can be found include automotive part stores, retail stock and manufacturing production lines for moving work in process or finished goods near the end of the line. All of these operations require the usage of a material handling equipment that is low speed, used for short runs (around 30 metres or less) and carries a low volume of product in low to medium work cycles.

A Stacker Eventually Pays for Itself

While you may find the initial purchase expensive, the material handling stacker is definitely a piece of equipment that pays off in the long run. This comes as no surprise as it helps warehouses to streamline their operations and increase their efficiency. Ask anyone in the industry and you will hear that material handling solutions are always a very good investment.

When shopping for a material handling stacker you will discover that different models suit different applications. The main distinguishing features of each type will help you decide which one is best for your warehouse. In case you’re hesitant, ask the vendor to help you find the right material handling stacker for your operations.