Types of Headlight Protectors and What Benefits They Offer

Every off-road enthusiast understands the danger that they’re putting their vehicle in during every single drive off the beaten track. The danger of small stones, debris and branches can easily become a serious issue if you’re driving during night and your headlights get damaged by them. You’d be stuck in the dark without proper illumination in front of you to light up your way. So, in order to protect your headlights, you can simply invest in a headlight cover.

Headlight Cover

A vehicle’s front side is susceptible to random damage, thus protecting that particular area is vital. When your headlights are cracked they have to be replaced. Headlights can be quite expensive, so investing in a headlight cover to protect them is well worth it. Besides being incredibly functional pieces of equipment, they also add to the beauty of your vehicle.

Headlight covers range from transparent vinyl to rigid plastic. These easy-to-install protectors act as a shield over the headlights, helping to reduce and soaking upcoming damage as well as enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle. There are multiple styles and brands available, so buyers need to carefully consider their requirements and buy the headlight protectors that best fit their needs. There are two basic types of protectors – film and plastic. Both offer different advantages when it comes to protection and installation and here’s how they differ.

Film Headlight Protection

This type is excellent at absorbing the impact from minor debris, like bugs and dirt, reducing nicks and scratches that may end up fogging the headlight. While the protection film does reinforce the glass, it can’t withstand the impact from larger rocks. The film usually has an attached adhesive, so in order to install it you just need to pull off the backing sheet, then place the film over the headlight. This process is pretty straightforward but does require patience and care. You can use a squeegee to smoothen the film to remove bubbles.

Plastic Headline Protection

Plastic covers are usually made of rigid and strong, high-density polymers. They clip into place and are easy to install and remove as many times as necessary. They offer better protection against large stones, bugs, gravel and sticks. Moreover, they can block mud that otherwise sticks to the headlight and reduces visibility. Installing them doesn’t require any special tools, you simply place them over the top of the headlight, where the cover clips into place. They provide an instant protective shield that doesn’t damage the vehicle’s bodywork. Some owners don’t like the extra bulk that they add to the vehicle, so they prefer the sleek style of the film protectors.