Interesting Facts About Guitar: The Timeless Instrument

Music has been around for as long as humankind, and we sure have a special relationship with it. Having in mind how it affects our brains, it’s been considered one of the best medicines, as it speaks to our soul, there’s the right song for every mood, and every taste, and it can increase productivity, and playing an instrument is the perfect mental workout.

Loog electric guitar

This post is dedicated to one of the oldest known instruments, that’s as popular as ever these days. Yes, we’re going to talk about the guitar, through some interesting facts about it, starting from the fact there’s the right guitar for everyone, children and grown-ups, beginners and pros alike, and there are those types like the Loog electric guitar and acoustic, designed with three strings, especially created for those who prefer smaller, portable, and easy-to-play guitars.

Furthermore, guitars as in this example of the Loog electric guitar, and acoustic, are affordable, unlike in the very beginning of guitars about 4000 years ago when only the wealthy kings and merchants could afford them. In fact, they are more affordable than other instruments, such as pianos and keyboards, and thanks to technology, they have a way of making playing easier thanks to the special apps helpful with their chord diagrams, video lessons, tuners, and digital songbooks.

Guitars have had different names throughout history, as well as looks, from tanbur in ancient Persia (present day Iran), the Indian sitar, kithara, quitarra in Spanish, followed by the medieval lute, and vihuela. Guitars in four strings, twelve strings, then six strings, the guitar only got to the present day form in the 1850s by Spanish guitarist Antonio Torres Jurado.

It was later in the 19th century, beginning of the 20th, that changes with this guitar began to be made, thanks to Orville Gibson, also with the help of Lloyd Loar, who created the jazz guitar – famous for its cello-like tailpiece, f-holes, and floating bridge. All this work led to the creation of the first electric guitar in 1936, so the once only hollow body design became obsolete.

Unlike back in the medieval times when this instrument was only used to add rhythm, nowadays things are different considering it influenced the creation of other music genres, for instance rock and roll as soon as the electric guitar appeared, it’s brought us many great guitarists over the years, like the legendary Jimi Hendrix, unforgettable songs played time and time again (who could ever forget Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven?), so it’s no surprise it’s come to be so popular as it is.