Car Sun Visors 101: Type, Visibility and UV Protection

While we long for the sunny days when they’re absent in the winter, most of us probably dread the hellish heat that comes with them. And few things can make your car rides as uncomfortable in the summer as the sun. This is especially true if you haven’t parked under a shade, and if you don’t have any means to protect your car’s interior from soaking up all the heat. But believe it or not, there are quite a few ways you can improve your comfort, and prevent your car from feeling like a sauna.
When you’re considering accessories to improve your car ride you should consider sun shades. A car sun shade can help with the threat from UV rays and the harsh Australian heat. Car window shades not only make our rides more comfortable when driving in the sizzling hot sun, but they also safeguard the interior. Long exposure to UV rays can be harmful, especially for children and pets, and when it comes to the interior it can reduce its lifespan and make it look like used.

Are Car Window Shades Legal?

With the exception of the windshield, car window shades are legal in Australia as long as you abide by the level of tint they provide. Remember, not every state will allow the same level of car sun visor tint to be present on all windows. Almost every state has the same darkness levels, except for Northern Territory, but even they allow for a 35% tint level when it comes to the front side.

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What is the Best Car Window Shade?


There are three different types of car window shades on the market, universal-fit, custom-fit, and accordion. A universal fit car sun shade is made to be used on any type of vehicle. While it won’t fit exactly the way you want it to it, at least you won’t have to spend time searching for one made for your vehicle’s make and model. Custom-fit shades are made to fit the specific dimensions of your vehicle’s windows so you get full coverage from the sun. Lastly, you can also get an accordion sin shade which rolls up and down more easily and are less likely to slip off.


The number one factor to consider when it comes to shade compatibility is its size. If the size of the shade doesn’t fit the window you want to put it on, then it’s no use to you no matter the level of tint it provides. No matter what type of shade you get, make sure it fits the length of your windows.

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A shade that will last longer and provide excellent coverage without letting the sun peak through is going to be made from a heat resistant material. The material is commonly either nylon or polyester. Both materials are lightweight and extremely durable when it comes to sustaining heat.


When it comes to side-window shades, you need to consider the level of visibility they provide. While keeping your interior safe from the sun is good, you don’t want them to impede your visibility, as it is not safe. Protection is important but not as important as your overall road safety.

UV Protection

When it comes to UV protection, it’s important to know that the higher the level of protection, the better the quality of the sunshade. UV protection is most important if you often have a baby or children in your vehicle as their skin is more sensitive and delicate. In this case, you should go for a shade that can block around 97 % of harmful UV rays

How to Put Up Car Window Shade

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1. To put up a car window shade in your car, first open up the shade in the car. You’ll usually notice a small loop around a hook or a Velcro fastener used to fasten the shade. Then, slide the bottom edge of the shade onto the lower edge of the window where it meets the plastic. 
2. Make sure that the shade is as close to the window as possible and that you have it butted against the base of the plastic. Then, press the upper edge of the shade against the upper edge of the window. You will find a small notch in the top of the shade which will allow you to fit the shade around the window. Other shades have suction cups that stock to the window. These are much more convenient to install.
3. After you’ve done that, pull the car sun visor down and press it towards the windows so that it holds the shade against the glass. To remove the shade, just put the sun visors back in their original position and pull the upper edge towards you. Then, just manner the shade around the mirror and hold it gently on either end and fold it.