Few Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Food Processor

Modern kitchen appliances make life so much easier, don’t they. With the right ones you can cut food prep time in half. One of the many kitchen appliances used these days is the food processor. Since the introduction of the first food processor in 1973 by Carl Sontheimer, this appliance has become a ‘bestseller’ and is a must-have kitchen gadget. It has revolutionized the way food is prepared.


Today, there are two types of food processors, simple model that comes with a single blade and an advanced one which includes many different attachments, designed to perform different tasks. Although food processors, depending on the brand, vary in design, available functions, power and price, they can all perform chopping, kneading, blending and pulverizing tasks.

This said, let’s see what your food processor can actually do. You’ll be surprised by some facts.

  • You are out of bread crumbs for your fried chicken parmigiano? No need to panic! And put those car keys down. No need to run to the local supermarket as you can make your own bread crumbs at home. All thanks to your versatile food processor. Simply, tear the slices of bread, toss them into the bowl of the food processor and pulse. Voila, you have yourself a 100% fresh bread crumbs.
  • Food processors are one of the essential kitchen appliances for cooking delicious and nutritious meals. Did you know that you can chop large amounts of almost everything, from cheeses, red meat and poultry to raw vegetables. This is because these gadgets can weigh around 9 kilos, which ensures stability while motor is running.
  • Did you know that you can make ice cream with your food processor? Amazing, right. What you need to do is make custard of your choice first (vanilla is recommended). Let custard cool completely, then divide it evenly into ice cube tray(s) and freeze. When frozen, toss custard cubes in the processor and pulse until smooth. For additional flavour, you can puree fruits of your own choice (bananas, strawberries, cherries, melon, peach or even an orange).


  • Make delicious veggie burgers in few minutes. Simply fill the bowl of the food processor with roughly chopped vegetables, eggs, beans and breadcrumbs and pulse for few seconds to harden the meatless burger mixture.
  • Did you know that you can chop nuts with a food processor? Next time you need a cup of finely-chopped nuts for your dessert recipe, simply turn your food processor on. If you pulverize nuts longer, you’ll get a homemade nut butter.
  • Make your own mayo and say goodbye to the store-bought version. Simply toss eggs, vinegar and seasonings in the bowl of your food processor and blend the mixture until you get a smooth and creamy content.