Tips For a Smooth Night Ride: The Cycling Edition

Led Bike LightTaking cycling to the next level doesn’t only mean going off road, it means a lot more. It means facing your biggest fears, going into the unknown and experiencing adventurous moments and all that on two wheels and nothing else to keep you safe from the outside world. But if done carefully, unconventional cycling will become not just your dearest hobby, but the perfect theme for an unforgettable story for the family gatherings and the lunch meetings with your friends.

So if you’re in for the adrenaline, you’ll definitely agree with me that there’s no reason to stop riding your bike just because the sun has set. With a quality pair of led bike lights and the right attitude you can extend your riding time when it gets dark outside. Cycling under a full moon on a clear, chilly evening is an astonishing experience that will definitely change the way you feel about cycling. These are some simple tips for safely embracing the darkness on two wheels.


A bike without a led bike light is not the safest alternative transportation option. All bikes should have a led bike light attached to them, whether used for day or night cycling. The led technology has transformed bike lights, so these days you can get bright and long-lasting lights without spending a lot of money. However, you should keep in mind that when cycling at night you’re going to need a really powerful light. Opt for both front and back lights that offer about 1000 lumen or more.

Plan Your Route

Since night routes can be really challenging, you should always elaborate a cycling plan before you hit the road. Depending on what you expect from your ride, a planned route can be really useful for you and your cycling gang. Pick your routes carefully and stay away from poorly surfaced roads and those who are likely to have potholes.

Bring Some Friends

This goes especially for all those who are first-timers in night cycling. Riding with a friend or a group of friends is a great and safe way to approach night rides. Plus, when you’re on the road with a group of friends you’ll feel more motivated and more energized so the ride will go smoother.

Reflective Clothing

Although you have lights, if possible, put on some reflective clothing on you. It can be a simple reflective hat or a jacket. That way anyone who drives a car on the road can see you from afar and you a re furthermore ensuring nothing bad happens. And just in case you want to enhance the visibility, you can add a reflective tape on your bike.