Things You Didn’t Know about Bore Wells

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Bore pumps are used to pump out underground water which is required for agriculture, livestock, home use and for irrigation. These pumps move and extract water by using a rotary mechanism, and are easy to install. In addition to their high quality, wear resistance, high starting torque and affordability, the bore pumps are really one of the best for digging a bore well. You can find many online bore pumps suppliers who offer a wide selection of non expensive bore pumps. There are many facts you most likely did not know about bore pumps and bore wells. Here are few.

  • Did you know that if drillers encounter a rock within 15 meters from the ground level, the water source might not be permanent?They will have to dig deeper in order to find water. But if drillers encounter a rock within 30 meters from the ground level, the water source is generally good and can be a perennial water flow.
  • When digging a well with a bore pump, there is a high degree of uncertainty of finding a water source under the ground. If you neighbor has founded a water source, this doesn’t mean that you will as well with your bore pump. At some locations, you can find water layers easily, but at others, you might dig without success.
  • Bore pumps cannot be installed just anywhere on the ground. Also, an expert is required to locate the areas where water can be found. Experts in digging wells have the required knowledge, experience and professional instruments to successfully locate water.
  • In Swaziland, more than three thousand bore pumps have been installed since 1986, but more than 40% of the population does not have clean water and about 90% of the community water projects are not in function. The reason majority of installed bore pumps are not in function is lack of money for proper maintenance.
  • Never drill a second bore-well close to the first one that has failed, because there is a big chance the newly drilled well will collapse due to the gravitational force and earth vibrations. Always install the next bore pump within 5-6 meters from the first hole.