Super Funny Facts & Myths about Dentistry You Have Never Heard of

Myths about dentistry

No one likes the buzzing sound of the dental drill, right? According to Australian Dental Association, about 16% of Australians have dental phobia; literally have anxiety-like panic attacks. Luckily, the new buzz in the dental world – the sleep dentistry, can help people get over their fear of everything related to dentistry. Sleep dentist specialize in sedation dentistry to ease dental phobias and help patients get the treatments they need.

Although dentist sounds scary, there are many funny facts, myths and stories about going to the dentist. There are so many crazy stories like falling a sleep dentist chair or biting the dentist! Today we are going to inform you of some funny facts that you might not know about as well as debunk some myths that you may have heard about dentistry.

  • It only takes 17 muscles to smile, but did you know it takes up to 43 muscles to frown? We suggest smiling more often!
  • In a recent study people admitted to things they have used to pick their teeth with, some of the most popular included earrings, keys, screwdrivers, business cards, matchsticks, and even bank notes, gross!
  • Almost two thirds of people from this study also admitted to having less respect for their boss or authority figure that has bad oral hygiene, so if you are a boss make sure to brush your teeth!
  • Did you know that 1 in 4 people believe using an electric toothbrush is being lazy? Little do they know just how clean your teeth feel after.
  • According to studies, the going rate for the tooth fairy seems to be one dollar for every tooth lost.
  • While most people are terrified, some of the surveyed people said that they had fallen a sleep dentist chair.
  • Nearly half of those in the study also admitted to being attracted to someone’s smile and found it the first attractive feature they were drawn to.
  • Only half of the adults surveyed said that they also brushed their tongues when they were brushing their teeth, this is something that everyone should do to improve their oral hygiene.
  • Most people also said they wouldn’t hesitate to share their toothbrush with their partner, some also said that they would be okay with sharing their toothbrush with their child.
  • A toothbrush also tops the list of items we take on vacation that we simply could not do without, it’s not hard to imagine why.
  • Did you know that 1 in 5 people believe fluoride is a marketing gimmick? What do you believe?

There are also many myths that surround dentistry, but we will go over our three favourite ones. The first myth is that sugar causes cavities while this is half true there is actually more to it than that. Sugar is what attacks your teeth but your mouths bacteria and the acid we produce is what actually causes the cavity to happen.

The second myth is that cavities in children’s teeth don’t matter because they will be replaced anyway, this is false! It is always important to take care of teeth, just like you do with your adult teeth. The third myth is that nearly everyone is scared of their dentist, this is again a myth. While most people find it unpleasant studies have shown that dentists are some of the people that we trust the most! Hopefully, after reading this article, it has enlightened you about dentistry and you have learned something new.