Say Oui to French Country Interior Design

French Country Interior DesignWith an artful balance between chic and earthy, French style has the power to infuse any home with warmth and a welcoming feel. This is probably the reason why whenever we think about French décor, soft and romantic are the epithets that come to mind. The bohemian undertones, the antique feel in the furniture, the details and the mixture of airy colours and natural fabrics leave no one indifferent to the calming feel that this interior design emits, incorporating nothing but positive vibes.

Just like you would imagine, French style, especially the famous country style, originates from the gentle flowery hills and lavender valleys of rural France. Its calming, traditional approach is what made it so desired among professional designers and homeowners who want something different and exciting. The greatest thing about this trendy interior approach is that with a simple furnishing and a new French style bedroom furniture, a new dining table or some unique kitchen details, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a functional yet elegant combination of the old and the new.

Blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside is really important in France’s rural regions, thus, no French country interior is complete without some fresh flowers or floral designs. No matter whether we’re talking about a French style bedroom furniture or a dining table for the whole family, the flower detail shouldn’t be disregarded. A vase full of fresh blossoms in the living room or some rose-themed pillows in the bedroom are simple yet very powerful accents that greatly contribute to the French style.

French Country Furniture

A pretty white chandelier, lots of warm creamy colors, layered fabrics in the bedroom and textural surfaces -these are all recognizable elements of the French style. So every small detail you spot in a shop that screams harmony, romance and France, should find its way into your home – be it as a purposeful or simply as a decorative item.

In France, everything is gorgeous, pretty and glamorous. Art and literature are an undeniable part of this culture and French people definitely dress to impress. Therefore, their interiors show how much aesthetics and functionality can work perfectly well together if you know how to combine them. If you haven’t given this style a try and you desperately need something fresh for your home design, interior designers highly recommend that you go for it. This way you will also get to experience the bohemian French style of life. Voilà!