Put Your Fears to Rest, Do an SAP Test

security and penetration

Security is one of the most important concerns of any company or business. However, whereas physical security is relatively straightforward, online security is a fair bit more complex and quite a lot trickier. The reason for that is the fact that although the operating systems and server protection software are constantly being updated and upgraded, the hackers are keeping up with them at almost the exact same speed. The main problem is the rapid advancement of technology which has resulted in the need to either keep up with it or be swallowed up in it helplessly by those that have more tech expertise than you.

In an attempt to lessen the number of victims that may result from attacks, there are precautions that can be taken such as the SAP testing. Security and penetration testing is a process that involves allowing qualified programmers to intentionally attack the business network or the websites code in order to find the weaknesses in it and remove or improve them. This kind of calculated probing is very necessary since it needs to be done when almost anything was changed in the core of most programs after an update. This is done mainly because the introduction of new elements to the programs themselves can also be viewed by most hackers as a new potential point of entry.

It should be said that a lot of people are scared of the potential dangers that security and penetration testing seems to carry along with it as well. Most of the concerns are centred on the fear of how intentionally attacking the network itself might lead to it developing flaws where there previously were none, as well as revealing already existing ones to either an outside party or to the programmer responsible for the testing, who might not be that trustworthy himself.

Even though these fears are entirely understandable, there is no need to worry. The testing is done only by trustworthy people that document each step and flaw meticulously to prevent that exact type of situation from happening. As for the testing itself, in no way can it cause additional flaws to appear but only reveals the ones that were already there, only hidden or hard to see. In short, the only potential problem that the security and penetration testing might cause is the one for any wannabe hackers that uselessly attempt to get through holes in the system that are no longer there.