Multi-dimensional Fishing Contest Australia to Cultivate Your Adventurous Spirit

They say fishing is not an escape from life, but a deeper immersion into it. True, although it may be regarded as a sport, it is more of a relaxing activity that will make you forget about all your problems for some time and focus on your catch. But besides that, nearly anyone regardless their age, fitness ability or gender, can do it and have the time of their life.

Fishing Contest Australia

Furthermore, fishing can reduce stress. Wondering how? Well, the gentle lapping of waves and tug on the fishing line is relaxing enough that can take away any stress far from the mind, relieving pressure and creating a sense of excitement. The thing is, focusing on a single activity can be a quick way to reduce stress as when you are fishing, you have to be mindful; you need to be present so that you can observe what’s going on with the fish and make a strategy how to catch more. It’s an adventure by itself. And while speaking about adventures, here’s a suggestion related to the world of fishing – visiting a fishing contest Australia wide! Not just any, but the ultimate exciting Hagane Challenge. Yes, it is the place to be for anglers in love with the sport of fishing and all the thrill it brings.

In 2016, Shimano will be setting the bar for fishing greatness, challenging you to reach or even beat the bar. Sounds fun, right? Endurance, strength and steady performance are the core values a fisherman should posses to have a chance to withstand all the challenges at the Hagane.

Therefore, during a period of 52 weeks, there will be 4 challenges, that is, 13 rounds and a new fishing challenge every week. Registered anglers will have 7 days to accomplish each challenge. Plus, the effort and the prize are really worth it at the end – after every round, the best angler receives generous $1000 as a prize.

Another thing you should bear in mind before you enter this fishing contest Australia’s brand Shimano organizes, is that you need to have a fishing license which is valid for the period of time when the Hagane Challenge takes place. The minimum age for boat drivers on this contest is 16. Just register through your iPhone or Android smartphone and you’re all set. Your eagerness to learn more and the desire to broaden your horizons in the world of fishing will help you give the best of you on the contest. Good luck out there.