Led Flashlight: Interesting Facts, Plus Their Awesome Features

LED flashlights bring their “A” game in today’s world of illumination. They are one of the greatest inventions that facilitate everyday life during blackouts, in dark rooms, attics or ceilings or in the streets at night when you need to walk your dog. Without a question, they are valuable devices which compared to the normal flashlights are incredibly efficient and their longlasting performance is far better if compared to any other type. The LED torch flashlight is not only a powerful tool but an interesting one as well. Here are some of the amazing facts about them along with their extra features.

Illuminating Mystery of Invention

The first flashlight dates back to the period when the electric battery and electric light were invented. It was in the year 1890 when Conrad Hubert (aka Akiba Horowitz) invented it, however, according to the New Yorker magazine the real inventor was Joshua Lionel Cowen who later sold his invention to Hubert. There are even other claims which state that the first flashlight was invented by David Missel, an English inventor in 1899. Even though we can’t be certain who it really was that gave the world this valuable device, we can sure be certain about the invention of the LED flashlights. After the invention of the LED bulb by Nick Holonyak in 1962, the flashlights were upgraded with a LED bulb which outperforms all the other types of torch illumination.

Origin of the Name

The users of the device in the past had to press a button to literally flash light at intervals as there was no steady electric current source available. Due to this process of producing light, the device was named a “flashlight”. Today it is also known as a torch or electric torch.

Great Durability

Incandescent flashlights need to heat up the filament so that they can produce light. When the batteries wear out, the filament will weaken and it will start producing less heat – consequently generating less light. They consume more power and this weakens the batteries faster, even before there’s really a need to replace them. However, the led torch flashlight does not require heat to produce light so it can last for up to several hundred hours with just one pair of batteries. Additionally, when the batteries weaken, the light from led torch flashlight will not dim or fade.

Less Generated Heat

Again, in comparison to the incandescent flashlight, LED flashlight produces far less amount of heat as it runs at low power. There are types of LED flashlights that generate high amounts of heat but these are placed in aluminium bodies which have excellent thermal properties.

Better Value for Your Money

LED flashlights may be a bit more expensive than the traditional incandescent flashlight, however, by buying the LED type you are going to save a lot of money in the long run due to the simple fact that you won’t have the need to replace the batteries or the flashlights constantly.