Interior Design Facts: What Makes People Love Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Room

If you’ve been following interior design magazines and blogs lately, you’ll notice how all of them constantly rave about Scandinavian style. It’s easily achievable, affordable and looks stylish and current – so what is there not to love? And today when globalization is present in all aspects of our lives, even us Aussies living in the opposite end of the world, can buy home décor online sourced from renowned Scandinavian designers and get it delivered to our front door. If you are wondering why everyone seems to be crazy about Scandinavian, here are the main reasons that make people fall in love with this sleek and elegant interior style.

Less is More

Scandinavian Room

Nowadays, we seem to hear it all the time – less is more. But rarely can an interior design scheme meet this recommendation. Scandinavian is one of those rare styles where simplicity and minimalism dominate above everything else. Crisp, white walls that are usually left bare, curtainless windows, small amount of décor pieces which are carefully chosen – that’s what awaits you when entering a Scandinavian home. And this is completely evident when you explore Scandinavian shops to buy home décor online – the things you come across mostly have a purposeful nature instead of solely functioning as décor. Things like trays, pillows, throws, vases, mirrors and clocks that add variety while preserving the simplicity of the space. You can also see a couple of art pieces depicting Nordic scenes as an homage to the places the style has drown inspiration from.

An Earthy Vibe through Natural Elements

Scandinavian Plants

All Scandinavian furniture is made using natural elements, with the most common being wood, leather, glass and various metals, especially brass. However, instead of hiding behind a coat of paint, all these materials should be left bare and visible. Browned wood and patinated metal can give off a charming, earthy vibe to the furniture that warms up any space. But besides furniture, natural materials can be seen also elsewhere, especially in floors. In fact, hardwood floors are an important staple of Scandinavian design. To remain in line with the simplistic atmosphere, wooden floors are best left bare and clean without any rugs obscuring them.

Practicality is Highly Valued

Scandinavian Room

If there’s one thing that sets Scandinavia apart from the rest of the world, it’s its high focus on practicality and productiveness versus over-the-top aesthetics. The centuries of harsh weather and lack of resources that made them stay indoors has also made Scandinavians appreciate and encourage the functionality of their homes. Being driven by the need to equip the home with practical things, Scandinavian designers put great focus on the primary purpose of furniture and home décor. If a chair is meant for sitting, then a Scandinavian chair is going to be designed with attention to ergonomics and using comfortable materials, with colour and looks only complementing its purpose. Multi-purpose designs are a big win and we can often see items like ottomans doubling as coffee tables and storage units.