Interesting Facts about the World of Printers

It’s been long since technology started developing, and it’s always had the same effects of wonder among people first making use of the inventions, however its extent in personal use is mostly visible nowadays because we practically depend on it in our everyday lives, not being able to imagine what a day would be like if not for the use of our dear electronics. Technology has made it possible for people to go through life-changing experiences and created jobs in fields unthought-of before, such as in photography. Ever since Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the earliest surviving photograph in the late 20s of the 18th century, photography quickly turned into the passion of many. Now with all the technological advancements, and development of social networks, the possibilities are endless for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


However, it’s not only the choice of objects and angles that make one photographer stand out from the crowd, it’s the equipment as well and this also includes investing in quality printers. Owning a printer is how owning a studio begins, you don’t get to spend money on third parties so you cover up less expenses, and then you could spread word out that you printing out photographs for exhibitions of other photographers, including advertising materials, so you’d earn extra profits. Of course this also means organising your own exhibitions without worrying about expenditures, all you’d have to invest in is ink and paper and you got yourself a business; it’s as easy as doing a little search on the internet to find specialised shops with the printers and printer ink online products most suitable for you.

When printers first appeared in 1969 by Xerox, they were built as a modification of photocopiers and as you can imagine, they cost way more than one could afford, not to mention getting all the necessary ink supplies as opposed to today when we have the chance to buy printer ink online, look through a variety of brands and cartridges and order the one you need in an instant which is obvious why it’s becoming the preferred option of shopping. Ink cartridges are different from toners in the way they are applied. The toner, unlike the ink, is transferred through electrostatic charges from the box onto the paper, whereas ink is sprayed through print heads.


Since there are different demands in printing and coating processes, for instance gravure, roller coating and letterpress, there are different printing inks designed to meet specific needs. Printing inks are made of mixtures based on dyes, pigments, additives and solvents. The world of printers is constantly evolving that there are also 3D printers nowadays, that use materials such as plastic, polyamide, steel, titanium, and they can print all sorts of objects from vehicle parts to organs that can be transplanted as is mentioned in Grey’s Anatomy Two Against One episode. Rumour has it food is also next on the printing list so if this happens indeed, it would definitely be a great step forward in technology, having the chance to print out our own food would be as close as it gets to magic. Who knows what kind of printing surprise awaits us soon.