Interesting Facts about the IT Industry and IT Service Management

Being successful in this era we are living in means being innovative and the path to having a successful, modern and well-developed business company means doing something new, something better and smarter. All this can be done by using emerging and already tested technologies and the most popular and sought-after one recently is the information technology – IT. In fact, the IT service management solutions offered by IT companies have dramatically changed the lives of many individuals and organisations.

Business wise, effective marketing, business planning, systematic management, global sales, real-time monitoring, customer support and business growth cannot be achieved without having proper IT service management solutions that can be obtained only by a reliable IT company. Lots of studies have been made and all of them state that a long-term business success is possible only by taking the advantages of using the services of an IT Company as these solutions are crucial for increasing the overall productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. Since IT services are pretty important for one’s business success, let’s see some of the most interesting and amazing facts about the IT industry and IT service management.

  • Back in the 1950s, computers were called ‘Electronic brains’.
  • The very first PC ‘Simon’ was launched in 1950 by Berkley Enterprises and was worth around $300.
  • The main ‘culprit’ for the rise of laser printer popularity was the Apple company.
  • The original name of Windows OS was ‘ Influence Manager’.
  • Although they seem like a novelty, GPS car navigators were first introduced in 1985 under the name ETAL Navigator. This type of navigator worked with the help of a computer that had a previously installed dead reckoning program for navigation purposes.
  • The first ever used mouse was made out of wood and was invented by Doug Engelbart.
  • The role of IT managers is to supervise the company’s computer needs.
  • When it comes to banner ads, the first one was used in 1994.
  • IT managers can also help in clarifying organisation goals for using computers and technology.
  • Depending on the size of a company, IT managers will plan and execute projects to help achieve the organisation’s business goals.
  • By investing in outsourced ITM/CTO solutions, you will get a superior management, improved infrastructure, and reduced costs in the long run.
  • Nowadays, organisations are investing more and more money in IT initiatives as they are recognizing the benefits of using the latest technologies in their everyday operations.