Interesting Facts about Surfing on Land

I’m sure you’d agree with me, nothing beats summer fun as that’s when you get to have a blast conquering the waves. Swimming is exciting enough in itself, but surfing is double the excitement as you do your manoeuvres and tricks. What makes surfing so exhilarating that it’s popular to this day? The simple fact conquering waves is a challenge is the reason to convince most, since it’s the perfect basis for leading to groundbreaking changes in the surfer’s lifestyle as a whole by training him or her for real life challenges as well as the fact every new wave is a story of its own.


Judging by this start, you might get the idea I’m quite the fan of surfing, and you’d be right to a point, but what I’m really a fan of is longboarding and the reason I’m talking about both is their connection, or better yet, the roots of longboarding that are found in surfing. It all started in the 50s when surfers in Hawaii, who were tired of waiting for the big waves to show up to go on with their practice, resorted to land surfing on their plywood boards with wheels. We have to thank them for the different kinds of surfing on land they helped create that we can get to enjoy nowadays, be it on cruiser boards as part of longboards, or skateboards.

Though cruiser boards and longboards in general weren’t exactly created for enabling one to do tricks and techniques as skateboards are, and they were largely more used as means of transport, longboarding has made it over the years and underwent certain changes which resulted in the appearance of many subdivisions such as dance, freeriding, long distance pushing (LDP), technical hardwheel sliding, slalom and downhill among others, out of which downhill is known as the extreme version, a real adrenaline booster, leaving most room for thrilling manoeuvres.


If you haven’t yet decided to become a skateboarder either because of thinking you’re too young or too old to try it, age can never be your excuse when it comes to longboarding. This is due to the greater stability that the long board provides, so you don’t have to worry about spending countless hours trying to master balance. Longboarding is also associated with more traction and durability thanks to the larger wheels. In any case, both longboarding and skateboarding have proved to be the perfect exercise as they are the ideal stress relief, muscle toning and heart strengthening activities.