Interesting Facts About Infrared Saunas

It’s known that people have used the benefits of hot water for centuries, taking into account saunas were more than popular in the Middle Ages throughout Europe. Though nothing has changed with this popularity, there have been changes with the concept of the sauna.

While there are still saunas functioning on steam, there are infrared saunas taking over the popularity because you get the benefits even without the sweat, and you can quickly choose your infrared sauna buy online, have it delivered in no time, and make your own spa at home. Sounds amazing, right?

Infrared Sauna

Not only are they more affordable, portable, easy to assemble, and maintain, infrared saunas are also equipped with plenty of features, such as contoured seating, lounge rest, aromatherapy dispenser, foot heaters, LED colour therapy light, and air purifiers, among other.

Here are some interesting facts about infrared rays the infrared sauna buy works on, that you’d be glad to know about; they would be helpful with deciding to make sauna time part of your day to day life. Infrared radiation (IR) this type of sauna works on is electromagnetic radiation that isn’t visible to the eye due to the longer wavelengths than the ones of visible light.

Though invisible, it’s everywhere around us, the perfect example being the heat coming from the sun, but unlike ultraviolet light, it’s not dangerous. In fact, even our own bodies emit it. Since there’s deeper penetration of the infrared rays (up to 6cm into the body), the therapeutic benefits are far better than those of a regular sauna.

For instance, the IR can increase your production of blood cells, improving the blood circulation at that (as a result the immune system as well), and the work of arteries, heart, and veins, so it’s the perfect workout that’s not actually workout.

Then again, the infrared rays also stimulate the endorphins which goes to show why we feel our moods elevated afterwards. It also has to do with muscle relaxation, easing of stress, and tension, helpful with alleviating certain aches and pains, even in the case of arthritis.

There’s also two to three times more sweat than with a regular sauna, a sweat that contains up to seven times the toxins (including heavy metals like mercury) in cells deep in the body. This is what helps with weight loss and cellulite too, as there are fatty acids in the sweat also which is something that pleases most of us!