Interesting Facts About Australian Wine Industry

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Australia is not only known for its wildlife and nature’s spectacles. It is also famous for its wine, which is sophisticated, elegant and made of high quality grapes. In fact, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, thus no wonder Australian wine is an invaluable part of liquor stores in many countries. This is due to unique wine flavours which are a result of distinct wine regions.

But world is not the only one that has acknowledged the beauty of Australian wine. We, as a nation, are recognising all the positive characteristics of our wines as well. Did you know that wine is becoming the drink of choice for many? According to latest reports, beer is no longer No.1 type of alcohol consumed. In fact, beer consumption has dropped for over 35%, while wine consumption rose for over 25%. The report is based on both regular liqueur store sale reports and online wine sales in Australia.

Here are few more facts about Australian wine industry that may interest you.

  • Australia produces more than 1 billion litres of wine each year.
  • Australia is home to some of the world’s oldest vineyards, which date back to 1850.
  • The first wine production in Australia was in 1788.
  • Most popular Australian wine regions are: Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley, McLaren Vale, Hunter Valley, Tamar Valley and Margaret river.
  • Australia’s oldest wine region is Barossa Valley.
  • Many Australian vineyards have become major tourist destinations as a result of the increasing wine popularity. These wine tourist destinations also contribute to increasing online wine sales Australia.
  • Wines from different vineyards feature one-of-a-kind characteristics and are in some sense, trademarks of each wine region. The uniqueness of every climate determines the taste note of each wine. Thus, each region is known for producing certain type of wine.
  • Australians consume the same amount of wine as they export it. 400,000,000 litres are consumed per year and 400,000,000 litres are exported to countries abroad. Interesting thing is that the significant percent of all wine sold comes from online wine sales Australia.
  • Online wine sales in Australia are becoming increasingly popular mostly due to special retailers which have given Australians access to wider wine selection.
  • Although a wine leader, Australia cannot grow certain sorts of grapes, such as: Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon. These are imported.