Essential Oil Skincare: Attain and Maintain a Flawless Complexion

Your skin is something that you will need to care for over your whole lifetime. It is very important that you find something that is truly beneficial to your skin and not filled with toxic and unsafe ingredients. If you are someone who has skin problems and swears by oil free skincare then you should seriously consider essential oil skincare.

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Now it sounds crazy, putting more oil on your face, but it’s not as scary as you think. There are many benefits that essential oils can give you that normal oil free skin care cannot. Below we’ll be go over some essential oils that are great for your skin.

Tea Tree

Tee tree oil is antiseptic meaning it combats bacteria. It is highly effective against pimples and acne. You can also use it on other areas of your skin where you might have corns, calluses, boils, cuts or burns. It can also be useful when it comes to relieving insect bites or stings. There are many great uses that tea tree oil has when it comes to skin care.


Lavender is used in so many skin care products and it’s not hard to see why. It is one of the few oils you can apply directly to your face. It can also be used on wounds and insect bites. Lavender is go-to oil free skincare product for sufferers of dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis and scarring.


When used in combination with your skin it can really clean out any blocked pores you might have. It is versatile, warming, stimulating, antiseptic and toning which means it’s great when you want to detox your skin. It can also help your hair and scalp both strengthening your hair and conditioning it at the same time.


The scent is nice and calming and has a positive effect on your mood. It regulates all different types of skin types and is great in a nice hot bath. It is particularly good at balancing out your natural oil which makes it great for all different skin types. It is a good choice for someone who might be suffering from acne or irritated skin.


This is a great choice if you really love the aromatherapy side of it as it smells super fresh. Scent aside, it’s great at balancing oil and has many anti-inflammatory properties about it. It is also good at treating aging skin and wrinkles. It also helps reduce the appearance of scarring which is great for those of you who have had acne in the past.


Peppermint is cooling, refreshing and can really wake up dull skin. This is a great choice for your morning skin routine just be careful not to use too much and make sure that you dilute it. The smell will instantly make you feel more focused as will the cooling sensation it gives to your skin. It is also particularly good at treating muscle pains and related injuries.


This is something that has been used in many different forms such as tea, oil, fresh flowers and so on to treat skin ailments for a very long time. Chamomile is very soothing and treats inflammation of the skin in a very natural way. This is a great choice for someone who may have allergies to a lot of skin products.