Egypt: The Land of Contrasts to Spark Your Travelling Interest

There’s something about history and mystery that instantly turns every one of us into an adventurer. Just think of Egypt, the land with an aura of mystery. It’s not surprising anything related to this unforgettable country immediately sparks interest, like it did with the Tutankhamun exhibition, the record breaker of attendance at the Melbourne Museum. No wonder the ancient Romans were so mesmerised by all the beauty. The land of ancient treasures, pharaohs, and beautiful nature is bound to give you the journey of a lifetime.

Egypt Vacation

It’s impossible not to have the glorious past as the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of this vibrant North-African country. Wherever you thread, you see something connected to the timeless lives and reigns of the fascinating kings and queens, the marks they left on the civilisation and the culture they helped build – it’s like walking through an open air museum. You can be sure on finding the adequate tour and itinerary to have your very own Egyptian vacation of your dreams, because there are many tour offers and everyone wants to have a piece of this eternal land.

No Egyptian vacation is complete without a visit to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, a trip to Giza, witnessing the grandeur and ingenuity of the pyramids, the enigmatic Sphinx, and the impressive Luxor, where you can goof around with tourist photographs.

Egypt is most certainly a country of contrasts and this is something you’d get to see as you immerse in those contrasts: past and present together, history and modern day life merging, then on the one side, the fertile and luscious valley of the Nile, as powerful as ever, as opposed to the severe beauty of the desert where you can embark on a camel riding adventure and meet some Bedouins, or stumble upon a gem in the sands, an oasis.

And then there are the two religions contrasting and coinciding – Christianity and Islam. You can still see the many Coptic churches and mosques carrying on with their millennia old traditions. If you get tired of exploring the many temples, trying to decipher the hieroglyphs and carvings, or cruising the Nile and swimming in the Red Sea, you have plenty of choices of Egyptian cuisine, like the shawarma, and dolma, to get your strength back and be back for more explorations.

And then, when you’ve had your share of nature and history, you can get lost in the extraordinary Cairo bazaar, Khan al-Khalili, to treat yourself and loved ones with some Egyptian souvenirs to remind you of your grand adventure. Now, get those suitcases ready, Egypt is waiting for you!